I woke up, it was Monday. I blinked, it was Friday.

What a fast-paced life I am living lol.

Monday was crazy. Actually I was gonna say that every day in the past week was crazy lol. My T2 life has become , hmm, I should say, wild and crazy. Who says it’s gonna be better than T1 !?! Ok, calm down, T2 has less exams but more assignments, less ‘hard skills’ but more ‘soft skills’ subjects, less classes and more free time but needs more physical and mental energy for juggling things.

Have I written about new things I recently started?

  1. Doing some exercise: the campus is really hilly. I run downhill and walk uphill, haha. That’s quite convenient.
  2. Hanging out with new people: I got to know some people better and I decided to hang out with them more.
  3. Trying to get myself out of the campus at least once a week.
  4. Singing on Smule every two or three days.
  5. Publishing posts on Medium haha

Running out of ideas now… I’m gonna end it here hahaha.