How do I work to get better if my presence in this country is a constant threat?

Black woman lying down with eyes closed.

On one unexpectedly temperate night in December 2014, I was taken into police custody after attempting to place myself between a young Black man who was curled up in the fetal position on the asphalt in front of me, and the two officers who were beating him across the back…

I thought my mother and I were different, but our lives could not have been more in sync

A black and white photo of a Vietnamese mom and daughter standing in a street.

MyMy mother was raised in a house surrounded by fruit trees. In the summer, the trees would grow thick with mangos, guavas, bananas — there were so many different kinds of fruit that when I asked her about them a few months ago, my mother simply laughed after failing to…

I found a kindred spirit during times of great stress. But when it was time to grow, we drifted apart.

II was attending a student event during my second year of college when I met her. The first thing I noticed about Clara was that she was one of the only other people of color in the room. In fact, her skin tone so closely matched mine that we could…

In the wake of Trump’s travel ban, migrants continue to face an uneasy future

II arrived at Djibouti-Ambouli Airport on January 29, 2017. My first observation, upon stepping off the small regional aircraft and exposing myself to Djibouti’s sweltering heat, was that I had packed incorrectly. My luggage, which would be notably missing for the next three days, was filled with light sweaters and…

Nisa Dang

Nisa Dang (she/they) is a political strategist with a background in voting rights, Black liberation, and immigration work. Read more at

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