Hi there! I would like to ask, what car company did you book from? :)
Jasmin Ellen Weigel Sarmiento

Thank you Jasmin Ellen Weigel Sarmiento! We used Hasso, also know as nucar. I would recommend using a more reputable company, with positive reviews.

Here’s our long story short: We booked Hasso because it was inexpensive…you get what you pay for. We got a car that would slow down for no reason on the road, show all sorts of scary warnings on the dash etc. We called them 4 times with no answer. They had only one location by the airport. We drove the car anyway and when we came to return it, we told them about the issues. Their response bothered me - it felt like they didn’t believe us. On top of that, they said they would charge us for a knick in the windshield that they insisted wasn’t there before.

They held $2,500 as a deposit and said they would deduct however much it cost to fix the windshield. We left and decided we would let our credit card company deal with it (we have insurance through our chase sapphire reserve card).

2 weeks later, they emailed us they took the car to the mechanic and found out that it did in fact have all sorts of issues. They were going to waive the windshield fixing fee because

Ultimately, they did a nice thing, they didn’t have to come clean and tell us that last part. That being said, we left Iceland with one blip on our trip - Hasso.

Therefore, I recommend:

  • book through a well known company
  • get a 4 wheel drive
  • take pictures of the car before you drive it

Hope that helps!

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