The day I realized a problem

From the day tyre was invented the mankind saw the revolutionary changes in their life. Then with the invention of light,fire a human grows up with these inventions and started to use these basic things in his routine. Technology improved day by day and people adopted the changes accordingly.

But it’s also the truth that with the improvement in technology comes with newer problems of its own. The same thing happened with the invention of tyre. Using tyres human invented vehicles to travel and slowly the transportation came into existence and now a days we are moving towards the smart transportation or we can say autonomous cars which drives by itself without any human intervention.

One of the issues our society facing is that numerous amount of people are loosing their lives in road accidents. Reports suggest that approximately every minute one life is claimed in road mishaps. Who is responsible for these accidents? In any accident there are two kind of people involved the one who made the mistake and crashed the car or the one who is innocent though loose his life. And the concerned point here is that the number of people who are innocent is major. Nobody causes the accidents intentionally but it happens because of drivers loosing attention,lack of clear vision ahead on the road due to rainy or foggy atmosphere. But there is no solution available to overcome these issues. And as we are moving towards the world of inter-connected car,autonomous cars but we are lacking in the middle part i.e the solution for the existing issues.

Till we don’t see these kind of mishaps/accidents happen in our life we don’t feel the need to solve it. Its very obvious that each and every invention happened just when human felt the need for it. The same way we also need the solution to overcome these issue. Its one of the biggest issues we are facing and we have to solve it.

The same thing happened to me when I saw one of my relative lost his life in such accidents. As a technology developer and a member of society I should do something to prevent it. I felt that when the person who has his small family,wife,children and an enjoying life just passed away without making any mistake or by somebody else’s mistake lots of people around him have to suffer for the whole life. It creates an empty space in life that is never going to fill.

The day I realize these all above I have decided to come up with the solution using which at least I can save innocent lives. Technology is improving day by and so we see a new invention but how many of them makes place in our life. We are talking about the future with connected devices and vehicles but what about the issue that we are facing since so long and will face even if everything will be connected because a human is there to make mistake but we need something who will guide you or assist you so that those mistakes can be minimized.

Here I am going to introduce the solution of the problem.

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