List of Security Token Offerings (STOs) / Equity Token Offerings (ETOs) — December 2018

Last update: 12/02/2018 | First release: 10/16/2018
Account/article suspended for unknown reason: ~12/3–12/12/2018

Description and disclaimer

Below you will find a list of Security/Equity Token Offerings (STOs/ETOs). I was surprised that no comprehensive list existed off-the-shelf. Hopefully, someone finds my list useful. Please share names of STOs missing from my list in the comments, so I can update this article. Thanks.

(This is for informational purposes only and no investment advice / solicitation. DYOR, be careful, only invest what you’re willing to lose, don’t blame me, etc. pp.)


So far, it seems that only cryptoasset infrastructure companies (e.g., tZero), blockchain funds (e.g., Blockchain Capital and Science Blockchain), and tokenized real estate (e.g., St. Regis Aspen Resort) have received significant attention and demand from investors.

There are now also other types of offerings in the pipeline, including traditional companies looking to tokenize their equity. However, the following factors seem to be limiting demand today:

  • There are few (no?) STO success cases of non-blockchain/crypto companies, yet.
  • The security token infrastructure is still in its infancy, creating uncertainty around when liquidity will be available to investors. For example, many of the highly speculative Asian funds demand line-of-sight on liquidity.
  • Not all of the investors in “traditional” company equity understand what STOs are and how to participate in one.
  • Prevailing scrutiny due to the utility token ICO slowdown.

Thus, the STO fundraising performance of non-crypto companies in the current climate is yet to be seen. However, the situation might change quickly, depending on how fast the infrastructure develops and how regulators play along.

Sources: Web and email newsletter search, vetted via 1-on-1 interviews. Please note that important fundraising milestones of some of the mentioned projects might not be reflected on this list, yet.

A) Non-blockchain/traditional companies:

  • (Ongoing, progress unclear — Lottery company—see info here)
  • Finova Financial (Announced — non-blockchain financial services company—see info here)
  • Elio Motors (Announced with $25M target — a three-wheel vehicle maker—see info here)
  • MovieCoin (entertainment/movie financing — dual token structure—see info here)
  • EpigenCare (At-home epigenetic testing — uses dual token structure—see info here)
  • Brille24 (Tokenized Series D announced — German online eyewear company — via Neufund — see info here)
  • Uniti (Announced — Swedish electric car startup — via Neufund — see info here)
  • Founders Bank (offering details unknown — decentralized, community-owned bank offering services to the crypto universe, currently seeking licensing — see info here)
  • mySWOOOP (Tokenized Series B announce d— omni-channel e-commerce platform — via Neufund — see info here)
  • Emflux Motors (Tokenized Series A announced— India-based electric bike company — via Neufund — see info here)
  • Robinhood (SWARM platform-based — tokenization took place without Robinhood’s permission/involvement)
  • DiDi (SWARM platform-based — tokenization took place without Robinhood’s permission/involvement)

B) STO/ETO infrastructure companies:

  • tZero (>$200M raised — security token exchange platform —see info here)
  • Neufund / Fifth Force GmbH (€1.2–6.6M public sale, 9/12–16/12/2018 — offering tokenized equity of the Berlin-based company operating the Neufund equity tokenization platform — see info here)
  • Corl ($49.5M target — token IPO on Polymath — a non-dilutive growth capital funding platform —see info here)

C) Other “Blockchain” companies:

  • Nexo ($52.5M Reg D raised in 04/2018 — provides “instant” cryptoasset-backed fiat loans — see info here)
  • Sia (security token gives access to revenue of distributed computing network — see info here)
  • IPwe (on Polymath) (offering details unknown — global patent registry with discovery, benchmarking, and licensing features (includes patent market place) — see info here)
  • BlockSafe Technologies ($27M target — Blockchain security company—see info here)
  • Coinmint (cryptocurrency mining company — see info here)
  • Gainfy (healthcare network — see info here)
  • Citizen Health ($1M target — Blockchain-based alternative health system using multi-token structure, with security token based on Polymath standard, planning to get listed on OpenFinance — see info here)
  • MintHealth ([offering size] — Alternative healthcare system launching on Polymath — see info here)
  • BlockState (Offering details TBD (via Neufund) — Blockchain infrastructure solution company for financial institutions — see info here)
  • 7pass ([offering size] — Cannabis-related coin, launching on Polymath — see info here)
  • Ripple (SWARM platform-based — tokenization took place without Robinhood’s permission/involvement)

D) Securitized investment funds (non-Real Estate):

  • RISE (German algorithmic investment fund — STO starts 11/1/2018—see info here)
  • Blockchain Capital ($10M raised — fund investing in blockchain companies—see info here)
  • SPiCE Venture Capital ($40M raised — fund that invests mostly in security token companies—see info here)
  • 22x Fund ($35M target — incubator fund that invests in mostly non-blockchain startups—see info here)
  • Science Blockchain ($12M raised — fund/incubator—see info here)
  • Next Big Thing (Tokenized Series A announced — German startup incubator — via Neufund — see info here)
  • CryptoOracle ([offering size] — [description] — see info here)
  • BR11 (unknown offering size — Brazilian startup investment security token — see info here)
  • Andra Capital Technology Growth Fund (unknown offering size— [description] — [website])
  • The Elephant Private Equity Coin (unknown offering size— [description] — see info here)

E) Real Estate tokenization-related funds/projects:

  • St. Regis Aspen Resort ($18M raised — tokenized real estate, finished fundraise — via Indiegogo/Templum—see info here)
  • Laeseum Partners (Sale ongoing— NYC RE fund paying out dividends, will start investing in Q1 2019— see info here)
  • Slice (commercial real estate investment platform for cross-border investors — see info here)
  • BlockEstate ($50M target — US-based tokenized RE fund using Polymath—see info here)
  • Property Coin by Aperture ($50M target — real estate investment fund — see info here)
  • New York Real Estate Coin (real estate investment fund — see info here)
  • Realecoin (RE investment fund — see info here)
  • SwissRealCoin ( see info here)

F) Other potential STOs — not researched/verified:

  • GraphenTech (see info here)
  • Netzcoin ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • Monetizr ([offering size] — [description] — see info here)
  • Aziza Coins ([offering size] — [description] —see info here)
  • Bizshake ([offering size] — [description] — see info here)
  • Sisu ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • Vertalo ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • Prometheum ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • Desico ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • Miami Crypto Exchange / MCEX ([offering size] — [description] — see info here)
  • Atomic Capital ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • BlocEnergy ([offering size] — [description] —see info here)
  • VRBex ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • GoFind ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • hypd ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • WestCan Energy ([offering size] — [description] — [website])
  • Monarch ([offering size] — [description] — see info here)
  • Crypto Oracle Token ([offering size] — [description] — [website])

Additional projects might be listed on websites such as,, as well as



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