Ahead of Schedule

Photo Credits: Cameron Kirby (Unsplash)

I may have underestimated my love for reading. Remember that 52 in 52 challenge I wrote about in my first post? Well it’s the second week of January and I’ve completed two books and I’m halfway into the third. If I keep this up, I’m going to be the Kindle Store’s favorite customer… The books in question are The Spectacular Now, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the one I’m currently reading is The Faults in Our Stars. Yeah, they’re Young Adult novels (with a hint of romance and a dab of life lessons) which is not a genre I read a lot in the past but I figured I’ve give it a shot considering the reviews that each of the books had got. I’ll probably post reviews when I’m done with The Fault in Our Stars.

The website is also coming along swimmingly — I’ve got the basic design down, I think, and I’ve coded a small demo to show the members of the club at our next meeting. I’m leaning towards a more minimalist design that focuses more on the members and the initiatives of the club instead of how fancy the website looks. And no, that’s not another way of saying that I’m half assing it. I’ll prove it when I publish the project summary post at the end of the month!

Also, Rank 15 in Hearthstone so far! I’m pretty happy because all the top legend players are still sub legend so the ladder is a lot more difficult to climb. It always is for the first two weeks. I’m aiming for Rank 10 this season. #goals

So far this year is looking promising. I feel like I’m going to regret saying that in a couple of months time.

P.S. Listen to Flatlining by She Is We. That song gets me pumped.

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