Clickbait titles on medium

  1. How to be incredibly good at blah blah blah
  2. This will change your life forever
  3. Here are 5 ways to achieve blah blah blah

I don’t have a problem with this. But why can’t we just write things the way they are? Without worrying about the number of hearts we receive or the number of comments we get?

Why can’t we be ourselves and write because we love writing and educating everyone around us?

Similarly, the other thing I’ve noticed is really long articles getting a lot of hearts. I’m pretty damn sure most of us don’t even completely read them but simply heart them because they’re long and long would mean it’s good(I’m guilty of this myself)

It’s funny how on one end we are intellectually stimulated by all the articles on medium and on the other end we fall for the exact same things we’ve come to hate on other blogs that wrote “5 things that will make your friends love your shit” and other such articles.

Let’s start writing because we love writing. Let’s start writing because we want to genuinely help others. And if we don’t have a lot to write then let’s only write as much as is needed.

If an article is short and precise, I’m going to double heart it here on. If I don’t read a long article in its entirety then I’m not going to heart it.

Keep it straight and simple. Win!