Rejection as an opportunity

  1. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter was rejected by about 12 publishers before one finally accepted to publish it.
  2. These rejection emails were shared by AirBnB founder Brian Chesky

Understanding that at various stages of your life, people you meet — family, friends, investors, potential employees, and customers are going to doubt you and your work. They’re going to skip the opportunity to work with you, to fund you, to help you. And that’s ok. It’s an opportunity for you to learn from the rejection, course correct if need be and get better at what you do.

It’s also them giving you the opportunity to create a backstory that you can use when successful. You could then start your story by saying “Back in the day, everyone rejected me and my idea. Today, everyone wants to work with me.”

Don’t hate on people who reject you or your idea. Find the ones who get what you’re building(you have to convince them nevertheless, no one can read your mind).

Your tribe is waiting for you to connect with them. Don’t waste your time trying to convince the wrong people.

Learn from your rejections. Win!