What kind of a person are you?

The world consists of two kinds of people. Those who dwell in problems and those who solve these problems by finding the right solutions. You can categorize them as Problem seekers and Solution seekers.

Needless to say, you should hang out more with the solution seekers and avoid the problem seekers.

Does this mean anyone who complains is a problem seeker?

No. Just complaining about something does not make you a problem seeker. It’s what you do after; that defines you.

Identifying the problem is, in fact, a great quality. But not solving that problem is a bad quality. It stalls your growth. It prevents you from achieving greatness. It irritates the fuck out of people around you. It creates negativity in you and prevents you from being happy in life.

Remember the time when getting a cab was uncertain? We all cribbed about it. But one man decided to seek a solution. Today, he runs the largest privately funded company called Uber. The same holds true for most of the successes you see around you.

There’s no easy way to say what solution will go big. The only way to figure out is to come up with solutions to whatever problems you face. Solutions need not just be a product or company. If you are walking on the street and find trash, pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. If you are finding it hard to work with someone, then have an honest one on one with them and let them know. The objective is to keep moving forward in life by finding as many solutions as possible. Some solutions will work only for you, and some will work for a few thousand people, and one may work for a billion!

The next time you encounter a problem, you have the opportunity to decide what you are. If you are a problem seeker, then stop at the problem and do nothing but crib about it. If you are a solution seeker, then find the fuckin’ solution. Win!