Gratitude Diaries: Reasons to be Happy

Around the same time, last year, I shared some lessons that I learned. I thank Vani Kola and Sateesh Andra for mentoring me.

After this, I felt that I should do this more often. Expressing Gratitude to those who have contributed towards my ‘life-making’.

I may not be able to publicly thank each person for the wisdom that they passed on to me. With some people, ‘help’ has been a very personal affair. I fail to build context to thank them on a public forum like this. So, I thank them with a silent prayer.

But, a few others bring life-centric lessons, worth sharing with the rest of the world. Some people have taught me so much that a ‘Thank you’ note is not enough. I should add more. I intend to share their sutras that help in achieving excellence.

#Linkedin is a great forum to get started with this. Most of my professional acquaintances and friends are here.

So, hence, I begin this chain of thanking them.

That brings me, to present my first series — “Gratitude Diaries”.

Having realized the power of Linkedin, I would pick a few people from my network who I am grateful for. I promise to share at least one lesson each week for the next one month. I am writing this for each one of you who is thirsty to learn, and stay inspired.

Incidentally, 21st September happens to be ‘The International Gratitude Day’. Starting now, you will get to hear an anecdote, read a letter, or maybe both, relayed every week until next month. One each week.

Action for this Week:

It is not just a story bundled with a lesson, you will also be able to apply it. The conclusion will have an action that could be implemented the entire week.

Here is your action for the week. It is food for thought.

“Road to Excellence is a path laid by People with persistent acts that relay consistent results. Do only leaders achieve this? Or, those people who achieve this are called Leaders?”

Share your thoughts about the summary of this series mentioned above.

BONUS ACTION: Thank at least one person and share what you learned from them.

How did you feel after thanking someone?