Why Do I Need a Mentor?

For a long time, I thought I was inadequate. Immature. I kept looking out for answers and seeking solutions externally. It felt awkward to accept that I needed help. Professional and personal help. The need to talk to someone. Discuss issues. Discuss personalities. Learn how to deal with issues/ personalities that are unique to my experiences. Slowly, I began asking around and reading up online. I then discovered an important personality trait of millennials that they view work as a part of life and not a separate activity that needs to be balanced by it. Millennials also look for work that is personally fulfilling. I realised then, as someone who has just crossed 30, that I was not alone in my quest to shape my personality through the prism of my job.

Here are a few peculiar traits I have (which I’m sure many other millennials share):

· The quest to always know what is next and how to make every opportunity large?

· Seeking experiences at work, as opposed to just ‘gaining experience’

· Questioning. Thinking. Opposing. Impatience.

· Wanting more, now

· Healing by talking. I always have to talk to someone to unwind

In the context of the above, I feel incapacitated, inefficient. I seek the help of someone who can understand me better to guide me with my choices. And here is why I need a mentor:

  1. To not be judged: Everyone judges, even parents do. A mentor is someone who keeps that judgement to himself/ herself and is able to sound impartial. Or at least mature. Or not condescending. Has sound advise and your best interest at heart.

2. To make the right choices. Not the impatient ones. My career history is dotted with a lot of wrong choices, more like impatient ones. I want someone to stop me right there and be firm when I am tempted to stray. Hold me back from the many here and now decisions and be in it for the long haul.

3. To learn and grow: Pretty obvious eh? Not when you work in teams. Try going solo. Each day becomes a challenge when there is no one to motivate you. Your learning curve takes a dip and you are forever in doubt. That’s when a mentor is the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. To add experience to my inexperience: I know what you are thinking? Yes, me too. I always think I am right. But, many times I am proven wrong. A mentor is someone who can future gaze and caution you when the light is about to turn red, lest you jump the signal.