5 Most Popular WordPress Plugins for AMP Conversion

These days accelerated mobile pages (AMP) have become a crucial parameter by which your website’s performance on mobile is gauged. It has multiple benefits that includes search engine visibility and increased views owing to the improved loading speed on mobiles. Optimizing your website to AMP is inevitable if you want to give your business a better marketing opportunity online. There are many WordPress plugins out there that will help you in AMP conversion. Some of the best plugins you could go for are:

AMP for WP — Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for WP helps you optimize your site by offering an array of extensions and customization tools.They continuously improve their features by fixing possible errors and adding new attributes and hence can be considered one of the best plugins available.


If you are a starter and want to try out something not very complicated that could boost your site, then AMP is a good choice. Though experienced developers wouldn’t gain much by using AMP, for a beginner who wants to build a mobile friendly website this plugin proves to be a simple guide to help you get the hang of AMP optimization.

All in One SEO Pack

A more professional plugin with SEO integration that could be used by online businesses is AIOSEO. Rated high among the plugins, it sure is the most downloaded of all. Those who need additional features, apart from the basics provided in its free version, could go for tailor-made packages which will attend to specific interests.

Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

When Yoast SEO got its AMP format it turned into a favorite for most users. By blending SEO with WP content optimization, you can make your website mobile-friendly and get it noticed on various search engines as well.

Better AMP — WordPress Complete AMP

A plugin that is the best for novices and advanced users alike is Better AMP. Providing support to all attributes of a website from the pages to the menu, Better AMP as its name suggests makes your website better in every way possible. It also assists developers to give their customized content a trial before publishing it for view on search engines.