Wounded Time

Time is wounded

It is limping, resting

Dragging on.

It cannot decide where to go

Forward seems cliche

It has desires too, you see

Wants to run into the wild

Be free.

So it takes leaps.

And is suddenly still.

Fed up of routine.

Fed up of obeying.

Time would like to have a break.

And I am too willing

To befriend wounded Time.

We loaf around languidly

I think it will heal his wounds

After all he taught me the trick -

To leave things untouched

And let him work the magic.

But now, Time says

He does not want to be healed

I am glad he has understood me.

Nobody does.

I cannot help but fall for him

But Auden cautions

‘Let not Time deceive you’

Why, yes. He will return to his old ways

Get back to running

Will be unstoppable again

I am mindful of this, dear Auden

However, why deprive this cold-hearted Ghost

When he has admitted to vulnerability

A glimpse into the wreckage

And the subsequent repair

He casually doles out to us


Let me have this torrid affair, Auden

Let him hurt for me

Let me heal for him

Auden, He will know

He should know

It is never his magic that worked.