My Last “Week” — prioritizing very long lists

Things I would have attempted to do in Dunedin:

  • Rotary Park
  • St. Clair
  • Tunnel Beach
  • Street Art Trail
  • Port Chalmers
  • Hooper’s Inlet
  • Friday Bakery Shop
  • Saturday Farmer’s Market (I can’t believe I’ve been in Dunedin for four months and only went once: the first week. I have a problem.)

Places I Wanted To Tick Off the List:

  • Finish of the Catlins: Curio Bay, Slope Point, Cathedral Caves, McLean Falls
  • Franz Josef & Fox Glacier (and all the beautiful stops along the drive from Wanaka, i.e. Haast Pass!)
  • Bluff

See & Do:

  • Canyoning
  • Roy’s Peak (back and forth on this one — there’s no way I can do it)
  • Mt Cargill & Organ Pipes (tbh, i’m so fucking done with walking)

Stray Notes:

  • I’m over everything and not being able to spend my last week in Dunedin like how I wanted to. It’s less pressure this way — just up and leaving.
  • I got so used to not checking Snapchat filters from the beginning when travelling around the South Island that a part of me wonders now. The North Island has plenty (or at least Auckland does, but that makes sense).
  • It’s a real blessing in disguise that I got assigned to the University of Otago. Maybe NUS really understood what I was saying in my essay. After visiting Auckland and remembering how alienating the big city is, going to the university there would be just the same as NUS. Going to class and going home. No community. Nothing. Turns out, third choice is the best choice!
  • I really hate the beach. How did I not know New Zealand has so many?
  • I should have cycled and kayaked more… and gone for more UNIPOL ‘fitness for fun’ classes…
  • Okay, I know I said I didn’t care, but there were so many things I wanted to do for this last week; and so many people I wanted to hang out with… this was just not how New Zealand was supposed to end.
  • This whole thing, ugh, just reminding me more and more that I am really not an adult.
  • I should have bought a souvenir key-chain.
  • I forgot to buy Muffin Bakes!
  • It’s really unsatisfying to talk to other people about exchange because they just don’t get it. Need some other exchange folks.
  • Probably should have gone to UNIPOL more…
  • Maybe I should have ‘journal-ed’ more? I’ve seen so many people around me do it and I’m so jealous that they are thoughtful and mindful human beings that they can set aside time each day to journal (pen-to-paper, old-school style). I started this Medium blog too late. I’ve always tried and failed at journalling, but maybe I should have tried harder to truly capture and memorialize my exchange experiences.