9 Types of Long Anarkali Suits for Indian Fashion Lovers

Anarkali suits have dominated Indian ethnicity since the Mughals. Designer Anarkali occupies a major place among the fashion gurus and enthusiasts. It is quite hard to find a fashion loving woman who doesn’t own of these. Ranging in a variety of styles and designs, no matter what the occasion is, an Anarkali manages to rock any day in your life with its versatility. Being a traditional fashion attire, Anarkali easily becomes the favorite of women of all ages. From a five-year-old to a fifty-year-old, this Pakistani outcome never fails to impress the heart of the ladies as well as the gentlemen. So, here is a list of the top 9 Anarkali suits that fashion lovers adore.

Pakistani Anarkali Suits — Already heavy with its name, Pakistani Anarkali suits are the ultimate beauty of the traditional attire. These suits are generally embroidered heavily all along the long kurti and are accompanied with long sleeves. This is possibly the most elegant Anarkali look. Ideal for getting married in, Pakistani long Anarkali dresses never fail to draw eyes on you.

pakistani anarkali suit

Casual and simple Anarkali suits — Are you still not over Pakistani suits? Well, rest your eyes on the simplicity of a casual traditional look. Maybe not ideal for wedding ceremonies or mehendi rituals, this sort of Anarkali is ideal when you’re attending a dinner party, celebrating an anniversary or going pandal-hopping on Durga Puja. Plain Anarkali suits emphasize the versatility of Anarkali. They have the ability to make you look appropriate for any given day.

Simple Anarkali Suits

Designer or Bollywood Anarkali Suits — Designer Anarkali suits are the front runner when it comes to Bollywood celebrities. The uniqueness of these dresses is respective to their particular designers; hence, you don’t need to worry about not standing out. The detailed embellishments and unconventional styles cohered with this attire bring out the gorgeousness of it. These suits are ideal for party wear and wedding ceremonies.

Urvashi in Anarkali Gown

Anarkali Gowns — Often misinterpreted as normal gowns, long Anarkali gowns contrast other ordinary gowns with its heavy, rich and striking patterns and embellishments. With this suit, you don’t need to constantly take care of your ever-slipping dupatta, because there isn’t any. They are generally monotoned to bring out the intricate designing of the dress. It is recommended to keep yourself light jewelry wise, yet don’t feel shy to put on those matching pearl earrings.

Stunning Anarkali Gown

Modern Anarkali Suits — Challenging the traditional embroidery of Anarkali suits, modern Anarkalis have emerged as the contemporary fashion statement. With minimum patterns and designs, these suits focus more on patterned cuttings on solid colors or a single monotone printed design. You could call it the ‘rebel’ in the Anarkali family, flaunting only the quirkiest designs and unconventional patterns. They serve the best when you’re feeling going light on a day-out. You need not worry about accessorizing yourself as well, no doubt this suit comes with the perks of unconventionality.

Floor-touching Anarkali Suits — Floor length Anarkali dresses could also be called oversized Anarkalis. This type of Anarkali has an extra-long blouse with more blouse designs than other Anarkalis. It touches the floor and completely covers your feet unless you’re wearing super-high heels (which is not recommended). You could find these suits in various designs and patterns such as traditional prints, net, and heavy embellishments.

Party-wear Anarkali Suits — Only wear these when you are relating to your high-spirited and dazzling personality because party-wear Anarkali suits were created to highlight your inner rhythms. These suits are renowned for their rich patterns and heavy embroidery at the bottom creating an elegant and classic look. Whether it is an ethnic theme party or Diwali after-party, they never fail to give you the most sparkling and cheerful look that match with your mood.

Palazzo Anarkali Suits — Still a rising fashion attire, palazzo Anarkali suits have triumphantly wooed the hearts of ladies. Palazzo has been a successful hit in the fashion market. Designers now came up with combining the two favorite fashion attires and evolved the latest Anarkali style. Match this dress with complementing accessories and shoes, and you shall be the party diva in no time.

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Plazo Anarkali Suit

Asymmetric Anarkali Suits — Asymmetric Anarkali combines in itself simplicity as well as intricacy. The tail-cut designs of these suits include a higher front and a lower back that almost touches the floor. They are mostly designed in frills to accentuate the high-low cut of the suit. They go with best stilettos and pearl necklace. Ideal for petite women, these could easily rock a traditional Indian party.