“Still believe in magic? 
Yes I do.”

This might as well be the song playing in the heads of everyone who is in hopes of winning the tickets to Coldplay’s show in November. Considering the huge fan base that Coldplay has in India, it was indeed a very smart move on their part to associate with Global Citizen India to distribute free tickets. However, they’re making sure the fans ‘earn' these free tickets and don’t just get them by sitting idle and doing nothing. Maybe, this will generate excitement, they might have thought.

Coldplay’s impromptu gig at Summer House Cafe, Delhi in 2015.

So, to be eligible for the lucky draw, one has to go through a series of steps. Firstly, register on the Global Citizen India website. No sweat. This is pretty easy. The next step involved the person to ‘take action’. Basically, you have to choose one cause that you really care about and support it through various ‘actions’. These actions may require you to tweet, send e-mails, take quizzes and sign petitions. Every action that you take rewards you with a certain number of points. There is a specific number of points you need to earn, only then will you be eligible to enter the lucky draw.

Screenshots of ‘Take Action’

Let’s get to my experience. Firstly, I’d like to state that I really do love Coldplay. I was first introduced to Coldplay four years back and ever since then, I’ve loved the band. So the prospect of winning free tickets for their show in Mumbai should excite me, right? Well, strangely, it didn’t work that way.

Because there was such a hoopla around it, I found myself on the homepage of the website. I registered myself and started by choosing a cause that I actually care about. But soon, after completing two or three actions, I found myself bored. I stopped taking actions. Even the free tickets failed to lure me, so much so that I didn’t even look at the website for a good two weeks or so. 
I think the first round had ended and a friend said he’d won two tickets. Somehow, even that failed to motivate me. I sill didn’t go on the site. I found myself unable to understand my own behaviour with regards to this, considering that I love Coldplay. One of the reasons I couldn’t earn the sufficient number of points to enter the draw in the first round was my absolute refusal to tweet. You see, I was fairly new on Twitter and I did not want my first tweet to be something like this. Call it weird or stupid, that’s just me.

A contestant who won passes to the concert.

Time passed, and the second round ended as well. It was only after this that I thought I might as well just try my luck. After all, if I won, I would win big and if I lost, there was nothing I’d really lose. So that was it. I tried and surprisingly managed to earn enough points to enter the draw. 
Being a fan, I found my disinterest a little surprising. Maybe it has got something to do with the method in which we are earning our free tickets. No, I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t support causes for the greater good. Of course we should, and there’s a way of doing it. Maybe the contest didn’t seem exciting enough. Or maybe it was just the time, you know? I wonder.