Little things matter a lot …

sometimes you need to find the solutions in your own way…

Created her own castle of happy go soul which was full of enthusiasm. Don’t know whether it was the hurricane that tried to break the castle or it was her, who didn’t like being in that castle any longer.

She wasn’t the same thereafter, you could see her breaking her castle in her hands. There arose more of the sadder part to cover the soul diminishing the happiness that was there before.

Hey little girl, this is not you!!! what I heard about you then doesn’t define you now!!! what made you be so not like before ?

And then she replies, “I can extend my hands till I could reach the maximum and the rest need to be from the other side which could help me reach that point. If the other side is just trying to break my hands , then I can’t help myself. The smile on the face can extend the curve to an extent, later the faker looks more realistic to be faced and more the curve, more it starts to pain”.

Sometimes it’s not the matter of being strong, sometimes it’s the helping hands which fail to reach the needy. A needy can survive without the helping hands by building the blocks of courage. But it is the matter of the thorns being pricked to the same part of the soul again and again. She wasn’t the needy, she was just trying to keep herself away from the pricking thorns. By the time she could escape, she was already wound by them. In spite of it, she carried herself in a beautiful way. But the little thing that mattered later was the mocks that terrified her soul even when she could carry herself in such because the wounds were not healing that soon and people instead of stretching their arms across her, started to laugh at her conditions. For a while she could ignore it but the repeated mock just broke her down.

And now she is here breaking her own castle just because the little thing mattered a lot. When all thought it was an end, there came another day where they found the little girl being happier thanbefore and for our surprise she had built the castle again. Why was it all needed to break them then when you had to build them again?

And now for real you could see the glimpse in her and she replied, “yes it was all needed to break my castle because it was not that strong to hold the pressure of the hurricane and so I had to rebuilt them with the stronger foundation which could block the any stress”. Now the new castle was not only beautiful but she also challenges that you can not break them down even if you try.