[Book Review] I Am a Troll: Inside the Secret World of the BJP’s Digital Army

With the increased penetration of social media in our lives, I’ve always wondered why would so many people defend a particular party with so much devotion and blindly criticize others with great vendetta? No one would be caught online supporting Congress or SP or Akalis or any other political party, AAP has some online supporters, but in comparison that one party in particular has humongous online support. And its supporters appears to be true devotees to its causes and very vicious towards anyone else. You can try it yourself, post a negative comment about them on social media and see the reactions.

I’ve never trusted the authenticity of those online trolls spreading hate and bigotry. And this book substantiates allegations that those trolls are in fact part of a very organized IT army, which has spawned a large number of misinformed volunteers.

Is this book biased? Yes. 
Is this book well written? Maybe not. 
Is this book factual and accurate? It tries and appears to be.

Despite of its shortcomings, everyone one should read it and try to understand that every piece of news, tweet, FB post, Whatsapp forward they see, most likely has a questionable origin. And even if this book is biased or have exaggerated some facts, but still its message is still worth taking, do not trust every piece of information on social media, do not subscribe to the hate and bigotry. Political parties are playing you.