[Book Review] Norse Mythology

by Neil Gaiman

Originally Published on 03/21/2017

It was a casual coincidence that I picked up Norse Mythology when Thor: Ragnarok’s trailer is making so much buzz on the internet. And I’m glad that I read it.

First, let me state that it’s not a comprehensive guide for Norse Mythology or Gods. This is a collection of tales having Norse Gods, creatures and realms in them. The stories contain Gods, wars, mischiefs, magic and surrealism. I grew up reading fairy tales from my grandfather’s collection and it transported me back to my childhood. There are no deeper meanings to the stories, they some simple folklores about Norse Gods. You don’t need to be familiar with anything else to enjoy this book, but I’m a huge Marvel fan and I enjoyed putting movie actors’ faces to the characters of Odin, Thor, Loki and the others in the stories of this book. I’d a great fun while reading this.

If you’re out of reading habit, then definitely pick this book up. The language of the books is simple, stories are intriguing and the characters are mighty. Even the aesthetic of the book are amazing. It’s easy to read and hard to put down. You’ll enjoy reading this while making progress in your reading challenge.

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