[Book Review] The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

Disclaimer — I found myself heavily biased against the author while reading this book and writing this review. And I’ve given one extra star rating to counter my prejudice.

Who should read this book?
This can be a good book for some people and completely useless for some. 
- It’s a good book for someone who’s depressed or have lost his way in the life. And having a difficult time to figure out what to do and how to deal with the challenges of the life. This book is for the people who are looking to rebuild and reshape their lives.
- It’s useless for people who have things figured out for themselves and looking for the way to improve their lives and get the more out of their lives, get more success, get more happiness. Useless for the people who are looking to enhance their existing lives.
- If someone is reading with the scholarly interest, then it’s a fun read.

What this book is about?
This book is about finding a new way of living and dealing with failures and disappointments by not giving a F*ck about conventional wisdom and by not pursuing the traditional ways of finding the happiness. It talks about several problems which a normal person faces in his life from success in his career to relationships, and it very well explains what people are doing wrong when they fail in their lives and how can they rise up and succeed.

What to expect from this book?
If traditional benchmarks for success and happiness has let you down in the life, then expect to find new benchmarks and ways to find happiness. This book will tell you that it’s okay to be yourself, it’s okay not to have a bigger house or several friends. And how to create a better and a more satisfying life for yourself.
If you’re successful or happy with your life, then don’t expect too much from this book.

What did I think about this book?
Again, my opinion about this book is heavily biased. But if you’ve read this book then you should not give a F*ck about my opinion.
Mark Manson, the author, is a blogger. His blog got popular and he wrote this book. And He’s just a few years older than me. My prejudice arises because I don’t think his credentials are enough to write a book giving life advises to the people. This book feels like based on personal experiences of the author and he’s packaged it in a book and selling it to the people. He’s basically asking in this book to throw away whatever you’ve accumulated in your cup so far in your life and fill it with whatever he’s offering. I’m pretty sure Mark Manson has read a lot and his opinions are based on real experiences, but still, that’s not enough to throw away the conventional wisdom and benchmarks. This why I think this book can help those who’ve already failed, they can try Mark’s advice and I’m pretty sure it can help them if they could follow it properly. But if one has things going for him, then stay away from this book, try Herb Cohen, or Dale Carnegie or Robert Green, if you’re up to it. In the end, this book feels like creating a cult. 
It also doesn’t feel well-researched, and I don’t think author have earned the lifetime of experience or success to sell his story as an advice for a good life. I felt like I bought this book just to read the authors epiphanies one after the other. I’ve read a few books about self-help and other stuff, and I always felt that the authors have done extensive research and experiments to write those books. Or they’ve a lifetime of experiences and success to give advices. This is why I think, it’s a cash grab. It’s a thin book with bigger font than normal and it’s pricier than a thick and well researched books like, The 48 laws of power. I think, ten years from now, Mark Manson will be a very different person and I think a lot more successful and I would like to read what he’s to say then. But for now, I don’t think he’s credible enough to tell people how to live a good life.

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