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My paymasters are asking me to do some “extra” work and I’ll be busier than usual for the next two-three days. They don’t know I already do a lot of work for you. If I quit this medium project and dedicate one hundred percent to my day job then I would bring tears of happiness in many eyes on my office floor. I can make many careers. I’m brilliant at my job but I don’t give it too much time. Because, you are more important, and always will be.

But once in a while, I need to show a little compassion for them as well. So, a quick post today before I jump back to making font detection work.

I’ve been writing since for forever. I’ve journals which go decades back and stories and characters who I’ve been building for many years. However, I always suffered from a specific problem.

The protagonist of most of my stories used to turn into a character to be played by Jason Statham. Now, I love Jason Statham. His movies are fun and he’s invincible in every role he has ever played. But the problem is that his movies and roles are forgettable. They all languish around 6 out of 10 rating on IMDB.

It’s not that Jason Statham makes bad movies or he’s a bad actor but the real problem is that there’s no emotional connect with the characters he plays. All the characters are highly smart, skilled, indestructible and alone. But the audience never gets to see why and how he became like that. There’s no backstory. No one cares about what happens to him in the movie. He’s always ex-military.

(Jason has ventured into comedy roles in recent years and he’s killing it. Team Jason!)

Take, for example, John Wick. It’s one of the most beloved movies of the recent times. People are crazy about it and it has all the ingredients of a Jason Statham movie. But if you look closely then there are three key differences which elevate it above standard Statham’s movies.

First, the world building. John Wick has its own universe. The people, currency, protocols, jobs, hotels etc. are different for the John Wick’s world. It’s like Harry Potter’s wizard world for the criminals. It adds a mystery and class to the whole story. The characters appear to have a lot more to them than it appears on the screen.

Second, the character of John Wick. His wife dies and then they kill his dog. That’s the whole plot of the movie. And people cared about his dead dog and Wick. Audiences understood how dangerous John Wick is and why he got so much upset about his dog. The back story made all the difference.

Lastly, Keanu Reeves. He’s one of the most beloved actors of the all time. And not because he played Neo or he’s a great actor. But because of his personal life. Almost twenty years ago, his girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn girl. It was heartbreaking for both Keanu and her. They broke up under stress and after a while, she died in the road accident and it’s believed that the death of his baby and girlfriend broke Keanu and he never recovered from it. Remember sad Keanu eating sandwich? He’s still unmarried. It’s hard to say how much of this true but because of this story and of course, Keanu’s humble personality, people love him. Jason Statham was a black market salesman. And have you seen who he’s dating? No sympathies for him.

A story becomes a good story when readers or audience care about the characters. And to make them care about the characters, a writer needs to make them familiar with their past. And it’s very difficult.

This one of the main goal of this project to learn to explore the past of the characters and their emotions. All the poems and songs are part of one story or other. They depict the state of the character singing it. Don’t worry about they being absolute crap. Because they are not the real stories. They are a simplified version of the stories, focusing on one single emotion. The complexity of a character is hard to capture and to write complicated characters one must learn to understand them. Once, I get skilled then they’ll be easy to write. Practice, Practice, and Practice!

The Hunger Games, a mediocre trilogy, had a beautiful little poem weaved in it. And I’d never considered using a poem as a medium to tell a story or emotions.

Many years ago, I started with a single goal to write a poem titled, “Drowning”. But I simply failed. It’s still my goal to find the right words and emotions for this poem. This poem is by Vanessa. She slipped and fell in a swimming pool when she was almost nine-month pregnant. The child she was carrying inside her, a son, died because of that. It haunted her. She would have nightmares of his son, motionless, sinking down in the water. She will give birth to a son again, a reincarnation, Augustus. He’s the main protagonist of my magnum opus and he’s a God. There’s is nothing in the world he can’t do. He can understand and speak all languages, he never forgets anything, he has infinite memory and he’s a God. But he can’t swim and he’ll die by drowning. And it’s the dream of his death that Vanessa sees even before he’s born. Drowning is the poem she wrote describing her pain. It’s a fantastic story. There’s a reason why Augustus died the first time and lived in reincarnation. I’ve been working on it for five years now.

These posts I make, little stories, songs, and poems serve specific purposes. It’s like drawings on the tissue papers before painting your masterpiece on a canvas.

No more Jason Statham, or even John Wick. We are talking about writing something like Don Corleone, or Andy Dufresne, or The Painted Veil or Halo.

I’ll keep writing and you keep reading! I’ll never give up on you and we’ll share the Oscar stage together.

Don’t laugh or make face. Marketa told me to keep believing —
And I always agree with the girls I fell in love with.

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