[Claire’s] Masquerade of Love

First lesson of love,

Is to live in a constant suffering,

She loves everyone

But she just don’t care about me,

She knows

How much pain I feel when she doesn’t speak to me

Is the promise of our love

Has finally come to an end?

I’m getting drunk,

Emptying the bottles in every bar,

Still I can’t forget,

How she pushed me away and broke my heart

I am sad

But she don’t care or pretend to not know what I’m going through

My love

My pain

Her beauty

Her game

I loved her with all of my heart,

I even went to the church and prayed to the Gods,

I confessed my sins and my crimes,

I told her everything I ever hide,

I had asked her not to get close,

I’ve had enough of broken dreams and false hope,

But she promised to stay by my side,

Love me every day till we’re alive,

But everything she said was a lie,

She stole my heart just to cast it aside,

Now she has left me to suffer and cry,

But I still can’t stop loving her,

Even though every breath I take is killing me from inside.

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