Sunday Lazy Writing

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I have a long list of topics which I’ve been meaning to write for a very long time. But they need a lot of reading, research, and critical thinking. I don’t think I’ve ever find the time to do that. So, here are a couple of topics from that list, I lazily wrote down on this Sunday afternoon.

Breeder Women

When we, or at least I, thought of slavery, I thought about black people working in farms under atrocious conditions without pay or any other benefit. The possibility of the concept of Breeder Women never occurred to me on its own. And when I read about it, it seemed so obvious, simple and practical.
Centuries ago Black population were brought to different parts of the world and sold as slaves. America, especially, had a lot of slaves. And the slave owners used to make black women not only work in the fields but also force them to breed more slaves. The breeder women didn’t have a choice or say in with whom or when they will have sex to procreate. The owners themselves or the other slaves raped them. And the children born to them would be added to the slave population. And this was an economy in itself. There were states who had a large number of breeder women, and they exported slaves to other states.

This was a couple of centuries ago and now, we the idea of slaves and slavery is very grotesques and the “open” existence of breeder women in today’s world would generate all sorts of outrage and criticism.

But let’s be objective and not emotional for a moment. Centuries ago slavery was common and acceptable. This is how things were. The slaves were not equal humans, but they were just property. And owners were allowed to use their property in any manner. And having slaves produce more slaves would’ve been just plain common sense. Our culture and society have changed drastically since that time, and in theory, we encourage equal rights for all and other BS. In practice nothing has changed, misery still exists in the world, but it has transformed itself in the ways which are acceptable to the current world.

I’m neither appalled nor doubt the existence of Breeder women, it’s was a pure economic design. The capitalistic way. And the owners of those slaves were not the evil, heartless monsters as we portray them in the present, they were born and raised in a time when slavery was okay, and slaves were not people but just property. We can’t blame them for born in that culture.

Just like a few centuries from now, people might look back this time and call us monsters for letting one-third of our population living without food and shelter. We know poor, and their suffering exists but we, as a society, are choosing to accept it. This is how things have been in this time. You and I haven’t created them. You and I have just accepted them to be like it. You and I are not monsters for being born in this time of income inequality and indifference. Similarly, we can’t blame slave owners for treating their slaves as property and denying them human rights. We can and should condemn the culture but not the individuals.

Also, slavery was far worse for the slave than how we see it looking back in the past from today.


This is one of the worst things that has ever happened to the mankind. Twitter has given everyone a way of shouting their opinion to the world without any quality check. And people, idiots, morons, and all sorts of lowlifes use it to share what they think, believe, support and approve. Seriously, who gives a fuck?

I understand if a company, or an organization, or governments, or even some celebrity uses it to share updates or promote their work. It’s would’ve been an excellent tool for it. But everyone uses it to promote themselves. Look, how awesome I’m to support this cause. Look, I’m upset at this recent development in the politics, sports, economic or any other area. Look, I’m retweeting this tweet because this echoes my sentiments. Look, I didn’t like this movie. Hey, look I’ve something funny to say.

I lose respect for a person as soon as I find they have a twitter account. I don’t even look at their feed and what sort of things they are tweeting. They think that their opinions and views are important and need to be heard by the world and this sort of vanity is hard for me to digest.

Am I being vain in expressing my opinion of Twitter? Of Course, I’m. And you can call me hypocritical. But in my opinion, here’s the thing. I’m not shouting this opinion to everyone. I’m writing this in a corner, and you’re reading it for your research because, for some reasons, my opinions have a value for you. And if fail in my pursuit then you’ll never read it and these opinions will never see the light of the day. It’s strategical.

There are professionals whose job is to share opinions and reports. Journalists, Food critics, Tech reporters, Researchers, and others who use it to share news or updates related to their work. And I think that’s a fantastic way of using Twitter. Food critic tweeting a link to his review of a restaurant, Tech reporter tweeting the major announcements from the Tech Expo, Scientist announcing some big breakthrough. That’s something worth telling the world.

But then there are the bulk of the users, tweeting their opinions
without having any credibility in that field. They tweet about movies, sports, and even over serious political and social matters. An engineering student talking about Kashmir issue or a higher caste successful professional condemning the reservation system. They don’t understand the intricacies of the system but don’t shy away from sharing their opinions. And then they retweet the opinions of others. To show-off their support and ideology. You know what, I have a tweet for them, Everyone has their own opinions. Having opinions doesn’t make them any special or better.

I hate especially the young kids, teenagers, and college students. They think that they have the world figured out. They hate their parents, teachers, culture, religion, the idea of doing something they don’t love to earn money. They think they are smarter than everyone else. They look down at Facebook for being vain and uses Twitter to show off their superiority. They try to act and promote liberal view and look down at older generations and everyone else who doesn’t agree with them. Well, fuck their tweets.

If some questions are not answered for millenniums, if some problems are not solved in decades, then you’re not the genius to found the answers and solutions to them on your own. If it was that easy then it would’ve been solved a long time ago.

People always used to have this vain feeling of being smarter than everyone else even when they were horribly out of sync with the reality. But what social media has done is to give them a platform to voice their opinions and also, share them with more idiots from all over the world who are as delusional as them. Of course, you can find a few thousand people among the billion who think similar to you but that doesn’t make you right. And Twitter is the worst them all. People are getting their self-worth boosted by tweeting their worthless opinions to hundreds of their followers. And what’s more amazing is that people choose to follow other people and are interested in their opinions. Why?

Platforms like Twitter could’ve been used to bring social change and show government and policymakers what the masses care about, but sadly, that’s not the case anymore. It has become a platform to show-off and shouting.

And if you also use Twitter to share your “no one asked for”opinions with your followers, then I’m disappointed in you.

Here’s the irony, was started by the former CEO of Twitter.