Delhi Musicians Meet-up — II 
(Minutes of the Meeting)

Delhi Musicians’ Meet Up II & Open Mic

Date of the meeting — 5th February 2017

Time: 1730hrs — 1900hrs

Venue: Bandstand, Aurobindo Market, Delhi

Attendees: 45+ (31 at Meet Up)


Special Thanks to Shubhodeep Dey for penning down the minutes & Virgil Wadhwa for pictures.


  1. Recap of previous meeting with brief of previous minutes.
  2. Discussion about a certain Artist representation firm’s malpractices.
  3. Discussion about Mumbai’s Music circuit.
  4. Elaboration of point #2 wherein certain agencies have been dropping value or artists in lieu of giving them more gigs to perform in a month.
  5. Artists get undervalued by artists themselves, by getting involved with such agencies.
  6. Nishank mentioned it’s a good time to be a musician since more and more musicians are investing in music education.
  7. Shitij highlighted importance of networking amongst artists & with venues as well.
  8. Nishank added to the common grievance regarding this one particular agency. Also pointed out that banning venues and agencies is not practical as they are a major source of income for musicians.
  9. The agency was named out loud unanimously.
  10. Nishank pointed out a case study of a certain credit card scam that was nothing more than an opt-out practice, similar to what is being practised by this particular agency and is a very unethical practise.
  11. Gurpreet suggested red-flagging venues/organisers/agencies.
  12. Nishank Suggests a manual for musicians who are new in the circuit.
  13. Discussion about not categorising payment brackets.
  14. It was pointed out that the musicians should not shy away from sharing experiences, good as well as bad.
  15. Shitij added that the ball drops at the musicians in Delhi for not supporting each other.
  16. Vishwam highlighted the existence of a live culture. He added that artists shouldn’t play for free and should have a tech-rider prepared. He points out that the tech-rider should be more than what is required, so that the venue provides something that’s atleast 50% of the expectations.
  17. Battle of Bands charging fee can not be legally controlled.
  18. Nishank — While there’s a need of the Agencies, contracts are the need of the hour as well. Managers should take not more than 20% from artist’s performance.
  19. Shailendra — confusion about venues promoting original compositions.
  20. Virgil — coming together of artists to form an agency of their own.
  21. Ananya asked copyright based questions. Nishank suggested to help should there be a need.
  22. Ananya — Need for more open-mics as well as a place where updates can be uploaded.
  23. Vishwam — Open-mics at houses. Venues won’t encourage a lot of open mics.
  24. Kunnal — questions about artists playing for free. Nishank suggested the present musicians to guide their fellow artists on better practises.
  25. Ishan & Atul asked about existence of Punk Scene.
  26. Deepak appreciated the meet.
  27. Sumit — asked for approach on better networking.
  28. Ishan Nangia — Appreciation for open-mics.
  29. Gurpreet — need of a society instead of an agency.
  30. Aakash — expressed need of directory of vendors.
  31. Ishaan — suggested a poll on venues. Nishank improvised on it and discussed for creation of a portal for just good reviews of venues.
  32. Abhiluv — discussed about concerns of their EP launch.

The meeting ended on a happy note followed by an Open Mic. Nishank suggested that the third meeting may be the final one depending on the turn out while appreciating the presence of those who showed up. It was also discussed that before pointing out to the organisers or the venues, we must first improve our own approach.