Day 3— 4 miles a day challenge — 400 in 100

Today was the third in my challenge. Learnt from my mistakes yday, was well dehydrated, had a healthy snack before starting, and also started early to avoid the heat. I had had good rest also in the night mostly, so my body felt more up for it.


Distance: 5.2 miles

Time: 60 minutes

Ran at 7:15 AM — 08/20

Pre-run: 4 strawberries, 10 raspberries, 2 spoons Indian snack, 1 spoon peanut butter, 5 almonds and 2 oranges (ate over an hour before the run)


  1. Overall felt very good today. In the first mile there were times I felt why I was doing this, and wanted to quit from tomorrow. Realized that once you start running, you dont want to quit that day, only the next day onwards — thats a good trick to keep going.
  2. Lot of smoke today in the air, although it didnt affect me much today. However it does seem quite scary, I hope I am able to run tomorrow.
  3. On weekdays, a lot more construction goes on, making me constantly switch sides of the road as sidewalks kept closing.
  4. After 8 PM as I ran towards downtown (and our home), there was a lot more pedestrian traffic — office workers mostly Amazon. Felt like I should run an hour earlier to get more room.

Overall felt quite nice, sweat quite a bit, and was giggling by the end of the run.

Until tomorrow.

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