The Perfect Goodbye

A farewell dinner? Lunch? Get together? Gifting Ceremony?Concert? Farewell trip before everyone leaves for future endeavours?

Which one is it? You sure its the best way to say goodbye?

Then why after all these we all still feel that there is something left and we need just one more moment, one more moment to hang around , why always the time is extended beyond limits when people are parting ways, why we just cling on to every last moment available and capture it all on cameras and inscribe it on our social media accounts, I still wonder ,why? That last group hug before one person leaving the country, That last team huddle before the senior member retires, That last mile drive after the night party with buddies, That last walk with your lover, That last family meal before a member leaves for education. We all secretly hope this to keep going , cause as we all know that saying goodbye is one of the hardest moments anyone has to face…… ever. It’s a cycle we all are a part of many times in our lives. As we live and breathe, we keep moving forward and keep saying goodbyes to people we meet and people who helped us at one point or the other. That’s the hardest part, the art no one has mastered yet , and no one will, perhaps that is why we all remember it the most and laugh by seeing that framed picture on the wall.

“Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?”

As i walk down the road, the road I have been walking the last 4 years of my life, it all comes back with every step I take towards that gate. Every person I have met, every senior every junior I have learned so much from , every teacher, every event , every fucking thing that has made me the person I am, it comes back. And with that every step you keep drowning in those memories that keeps pouring out one drop at a time as we wipe it away from our face and tell ourselves, we had it all. Every tear that drops out of our eyes has a story and a memory, and each memory has its own importance that taught us about life and its challenges.

This “College gate” tells us a lot about our lives. On one side we dance to our own tunes and on the other the world makes us dance to its own. It’s time to cross that gate for the last time, and every memory will be as precious as gold. No matter how many pictures we take , no matter how many pages or articles we write about those memories, that moment , when we cross that gate, I haven’t yet seen a soul who can describe me that thought. That moment when we take that last step and enter the other side of the gate where the world waits for us, that builds character and tells us we are something. We will be remembered for what we did, if not on the walls, at least in the memory, if not on posters , atleast in peoples hearts.

These flashbacks that we will have in our new life , the new world will tell us how precious the time was , and how we lived through it all and why it is what it is that made us who we are.

No matter how hard you try, No matter how much you plan, there isn’t a best way designed. It’s just the way it is , we have to deal with it and thats harsh, and that is what we call life.

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