Got Gluten? Buy Nima
Brad Feld

Hi Brad — My daughter got diagnosed with Celiac when she was 5. I am sure you know this but Celiac is very different from “gluten” sensitiveness. The biggest issue with Celiac is of contamination. So even if the food comes out as “Gluten free”, can I assume its not contaminated? I will be worried about false positives since the price to pay for one single false positive result is that my daughter has to wait for 2 years for her gut to heal :-(( Recently I went to an Indian restaurant that claimed their “Chicken Tikka Masala” is gluten free. However when I asked if they use gluten free spices, do they use the same utensils to cook both gluten and non-gluten, do they have wheat flour around it, they could not answer. For a gluten sensitive person, this food is edible but for Celiac — no way!! About the cost, I am not sure what is the cost of the capsule since that’s the real money maker here. If it’s too expensive it may not make a financial sense to buy Nima. Also, personally I would wait for others to try to first to know its accuracy (I am sure Nima team will need to fix lot of bugs since its the first launch). Having said all this, as an entrepreneur, I think this is a great start and as with every product, you will get some push backs (I face it every day with my product). I am sure your team is working with Celiac patients, doctors, parents, kids. BTW Here is a review of Nima from a Celiac patient who is followed by the celiac community —

I will definitely give it a shot and let you know my feedback. All the best to your wonderful team trying to solve such a hard problem.

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