Marks do MATTER; Do they Really??

With the results of the CBSE and other board exams just announced; parents, students, teachers, relatives all must seemingly be in a hustle. The curiosity of the parents to know how well their child fared;For the children, a measure of the amount of efforts they did put into; For relatives and people next door, more often than not, the results of your’s is a measure to compare their children’s success or failures with your’s.

The students will be reckoning to row a new boat. They will opt for different streams based on their individual understanding. But what will come your way all your life is the marks you scored. It is blunt, yet true. The marks will haunt you till you achieve something in your life.

For those who scored well; These marks will come handy in getting you a decent or good college. They will cruise you through one of the toughest problems of your’s till now. But the decision to take the streams or any field should be scrutinized through your belief in the field,your conviction in the subject, your passion to learn and not on the basis of the marks that you got.

‘Well!!! If i fared bad ….What is there in the magical basket for me now?’ This will be a common Question in the minds of those whose performance are below expectations. ‘Is this the end of life’. No!!! It certainly is not. But it is high time you better analyze yourself well. Marks are not always an indicative of talent, but they are a reflective of one’s vigil at least. But the word ‘talent’ seems ambiguous here. ‘Do you know what your talents are ?’. Are you going to be a next Michael Faraday or a Sachin Tendulkar or a Pablo Picasso.

The responsibility of your’s has increased many fold. Not only you have to decide well what you are good at, but also make your parents believe that you will make them proud and you yourself believe you yourself can. You will have to make them believe that this is worst and whatever that happens in future has to better than this. You will have to cut through the mountains and make a way for yourself.

Most of the students who get into good colleges become surrounded by the shell of coziness that their college’s past reputation provide. They become the rabbit who just goes to hibernation for a period till his/her graduation. This is high time to become the legendary tortoise. Sense the heat of the situation , work hard and start radiating as a black body. Sky is the limit.

Best Wishes!!!!!