Beautiful mother land ( Nepal)

Reached home yesterday at 7 pm after a long walk and a drive. It was one hell of a journey. The beauty and the thrilling scenario still lingering in my head.Though Travelling all the way to the top of the hill and coming down and finally reaching the destiny was tough but. I admit it was worth it.The hunger and the tiredness was never ending but the hospitality was the best .Feels happy to know that their are still some places where money is just a paper having no value, people here live like as if their is no tomorrow.You will still find here the purest of heart, I just could not believe this place.Its like living in a fairy world.Perhaps it’s the purity that intrigues foreigner to visit Nepal again and again.I wish I had enough words to explain the beauty and depth of it.Amazing and outstanding beauty.Hatsoff mother land , I will come back for you and for. the sake of your pride.

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