DOT language — Beginner

(Graph description language)

A “hierarchical” or layered drawings of directed graphs can be drawn easily by using this DOT. This is the default tool to use if edges of the graph are directional.

It is a tool which generates diagrams with less effort. A tool for lazy developer — to portray a simple diagram with a very less amount of effort and detail. Not similar to Paint

It carries a very less amount of code and syntax. All you need is to specify the nodes and the links

If you’re about to draw a graph, it is very easy to draw with DOT. No prior configurations… setups.. needed

Just open a text editor — write some lines of code — save as .dot file — graph ready

Lets see, how to do all with DOT!!!

Open a text editor and

Sample Code — 1

Save it as (filename).dot

Open a terminal in the same file directory and execute the following command (Tjpg — jpg format image will be returned)

A image file will returned — in .jpg format.

graph — 1

Graph — 2

We can define — shapes, color, style, font size, font color, width and so many features of the nodes in DOT.


Can define Shapes of nodes



We can have output in different formats as png, jpg, jpeg, GIF, json, bmp and etc

When you are about to draw much complex graphs, you can go with DOT with less effort and time for a neat work.

Click on this for Detailed view

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