Crucial Aspects To Know About Sikh Wedding Cards

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Sikh wedding or Anand Karajand is an event that witnesses a grand reception. The wedding takes place in a Gurudwara that is followed by a reception. Sikh wedding is a unique blend of fun, music and dance; the vivid colors are displayed on everything from wedding party to the invitation card.
From the time of Amar Das (1479–1574), a Sikh guru, Sikh wedding ceremonies traces its root to that era. Sikh wedding tradition can be seen even in Sikh wedding cards that must display the same tradition and culture. As Sikh wedding is best known for their festivities, you will find different cards for different occasions.
The cards come in a variety of colors and designs that is studded with kundans and stones. Just like any other Indian wedding ceremony, Sikh also follows more or less similar customs. Immense planning goes on to the preparation of the wedding ceremony.
Where To Find Sikh Wedding Cards According To Your Choice

Just as the wedding ceremony, the wedding card should be special as well. To provide a unique look, the wedding cards are mostly made from velvet or silk with an array of high quality features such as stone work and other kind of embellishments. Font used in Sikh wedding cards is mostly calligraphy that gives them a hard to match look.
These invitation cards are produced in masses and the unique thing about them is that you will find poetry or verses added to them. It is true that Sikh weddings are planned traditionally that may cost high. However, if you are choosing customized invitation cards then you can do it according to your budget.
Sikh wedding invitations are available online that comes in a range of styles from contemporary to traditional. These cards are tailored to specific needs and are a symbol of skill and craftsmanship. You will find that these cards can be kept as keepsakes or collectibles even after the completion of the wedding.

Cards For Sikh Wedding According To The Rituals
A number of rituals are associated with the Sikh wedding ceremony such as pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. In the pre-wedding rituals the functions include sagai, shri akhand path and roka. Therefore, for these ceremonies you can invite your guests with a wedding card.
With a shagun ceremony, the Sikh wedding starts that is then followed by the chunni, in which the groom’s family adorns the bride with a red veil or dupatta. The groom’s family then welcomes the bride with gifts and adorns her with jewelry, sindoor, bangles; make up bindi and other things. You can include the details of these rituals while printing your Sikh wedding cards so that you can share your feelings with your guests.
After the Sikh wedding follows the post-wedding rituals such as doli or vidaai ceremony. In doli ceremony the bride’s family bid farewell to the bride after that the reception will take place where the bride will be introduced to the groom’s family, community and friends.
For the post-wedding ritual it is not necessary to print a card, however, today, there are families that like to inform their guests about the post-wedding ceremony with cards.

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