Social video intelligence for the cross-platform world

Someone once said- ‘With richer data, comes deeper insights’ and following that belief, we at Vidooly are launching cross-platform video analytics for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All these social platforms have decent analytics dashboards helping you understand how your videos performed, something similar to what Google Analytics does for websites. However, when it comes to the online video domain, the whole ecosystem is still in its nascency. There are no benchmarks or thumbrules or guidelines that can help you measure the performance of your advertising or marketing campaigns.

Social Journeys- Tracking data across platforms

Until recently, YouTube was the biggest player in the social video watching space. But the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat in the video space has made it extremely competitive. Since the nature of each of these platforms is so different, the behavior of the audience — even if they fall in the same TG changes considerably. Weather you’re a brand or a creator, you need to tweak your content strategy to cater to the audience present across platforms and to do that, the know-how of what your audience is watching on all these platforms cannot be ignored. It is quintessential to have a grip on this data before pouring in money either for creation or advertising.

This brings me to the big question which if answered can point blank make your decisions with respect to online video strategy easy.

Do you know what your audience is watching online?

First of all, you specify your TG, lets say 18–24 Male across Top Metros. You can of course dive deeper but lets assume this TG for a moment. Now you would want to know what categories do they like — Music, Comedy, Food, etc.

Within categories, you want to know what channels do they watch/subscribe. Not only that, you also want to know when because the behavior changes based on 2 things- Trends & Timing (Christmas vs Thanksgiving vs Diwali)

Once you know these channels better, you would want to know a bit more about your audience behavior. Metrices like viewer engagement, conversations around the videos, sentiments etc become all so important.

Once you know what videos they are watching, you have a sense of what content resonates with your audience but you still don’t have any concrete indicators that could go into the planning of what content to create. You have narrowed down on Comedy as a category but within Comedy, do I produce a web series, couple of stand-up videos, a single sketch based on something thats trending, etc etc. To put an end to this dilemma, we tell you what topics works with your audience.

Not just the topics, you can deep dive into studying how many videos have been made on these topics, who are the creators who are creating content and what is their audience base, how have the videos fared in terms of viewership and engagement, weather your TG is actually engaging with that sort of content or not!

We at Vidooly, have built a suite of tools to not only help you understand this behavior but also to help you execute and take actions based on this data. Check us out and feel free to reach out to me — and give this a shot. You might just discover something new about your audience.

“Creating videos is a creative process mostly backed by GUT but in today’s world when everything around is ROI driven, data points go in as valuable inputs to win. After all, How can you not be romantic about content! “