Do you speak Poetry?

#I wrote the following for a Spoken Word Poetry Event. The event is about a week from today. To perform and leave stealthily was the plan. But that never happens with me. I know that I will bring home unnecessary baggage, so yeah.#

Personal Performances

I have been performing

For the last 21 years

Of my life.

And I am here,

Only because I want to get it all out of my system

Only because things mean so much more to me, than to you

Only because I want to address this culture of lengthy monologues being ‘viral’ for people

Only because different behaviors are differently ‘handled’ at different places,

(And I have unfortunately been witness to a lot of those handlings, and dealings,)

Only because love and care and concern have ‘contexts’ these days

Only because brevity is fashionable for the wrong reasons

Now what do I mean by all this?

I mean that there is a world outside your cell-phones

I mean that there are still people who mean what they say

I mean that there is no amount of cold-calls that would work against true grit

I mean that a smile isn’t necessarily sarcastic or evil or snobbish

I mean that there is still a world outside this world

And which world?

You gotta decide for yourself.

You gotta.

If you don’t, someone else will.

If you don’t, some other system will.

If you don’t, another language will.

If you don’t, someone you don’t even know the name of yet


PS: I hate how I am going against the initial brief I had set for this blog. Next Sunday is Prose Day for me, Pakka se.