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Rajasthan is a standout amongst the most renowned conditions of India. It is a popular traveler goal In India. He is known for its rich culture and custom, a heavenly past, its uniqueness and topographical. Palaces, Forts, hallowed places, parks, historical centers, deserts, sand rises, temples,Heritage havelies, and so forth real vacation spots in Rajasthan, the imperial condition of India. The state assumes a noteworthy part in development of tourism in the rich nations. It merits see vacationers from around the globe while many developing. The urban areas of Rajasthan are interest about Rajasthan Travel and tourism. Practically every city in the state was at one time the royal states into itself. The noteworthy towns speak to the rich history of the state.

Jaisalmer Attractions

Gadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer

Set toward the south of the city, Gadisar Lake is a standout amongst the most famous attractions of Jaisalmer. This well known outing spot guarantees to treat the eyes of each guest with its amazing environment. Guests can make their visit more important with a pontoon ride at the lake. Drifting on the waters as the sun sets, adds to the peacefulness of the place and makes it all the more appealing.

There are various places of worship and structures set on the banks of the lake which gives the lake a stylish appearance. A fascinating truth about the lake is that it never dries, despite the fact that it is set amidst betray.

Initially, Gadisar Lake was a water protection tank which was utilized to satisfy the water necessities of the city. It was worked in 1400 AD by the then Maharaja of Jaisalmer, Maharwal Gadsi Singh. Today, the lake does not fill a similar need of providing water to Jaisalmer, yet it safeguards a large portion of the water.

Gadisar Lake respects all with a plenty of transient winged animals which can be seen close to the lake because of its nearness to Bharatpur. The lake is an absolute necessity visit goal for birdwatchers as the place guarantees them with an extraordinary fowl watching knowledge. Individuals from all over visit the place to appreciate sometime in the midst of the regular excellence and quietness of the place.

Jain Temple Jaisalmer

Settled inside the gigantic slope stronghold (Jaisalmer Fort), Jain Temples are thought to be an old and noteworthy heavenly hallowed place. The sanctuaries are devoted to Jain Tirthankaras and are datable to twelfth and fifteenth century.

There are seven sanctuaries by and large; fabricated and neglected by the Swetambhar Sect. Emerging with Dilwara design, these sanctuaries are like those in Mount Abu. What’s more, much the same as many structures of the Golden City Jaisalmer, Jain Temples too are worked from yellow sandstone; supplementing the setting of Thar Desert. It’s engineering, religious criticalness and area makes it a prevalent religious spot of Jaisalmer.

The Rishabhnath Temple was authorized by Seth Sachcha and is situated close to the royal residence of Moomal, where once the flood of River Kak spouted. Shambhavanath Temple Complex is remained upon an octagonal pyramidal rood and a stronghold divider.

Astapadhi Temples and Gyan Bhandar Library in nearness with the sanctuaries are must-visit spots as well. The library is a trove of uncommon original copies accessible in India.

Folklore Museum Jaisalmer

Displaying paragon craftsmanship, Folklore Museum of Jaisalmer resembles a rainbow in the midst of the brilliant abandon of Thar. An accumulation of camel brightening, printing squares, artistic creations, post cards, compositions and a few different articles that mirror the way of life of Rajasthan are to be found in the Folklore Museum. Indeed, a considerable amount of different articles show the rich social legacy of Jaisalmer and past.

There are six segments inside the historical center, to be specific; Costumes, Photographs, Coterie of Paintings, Jewelry, Fossils and Camels and Horse Ornaments. Timings of the Folklore Museum is-8 am to 6 pm. Furthermore, the passage expense is INR 5.

Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer

Situated around 42 kilometers from the city of Jaisalmer, the Sam Sand Dunes mirror the genuine picture of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer visit feels very inadequate in the event that one doesn’t decide on a betray safari to these brilliant hills. Evidently a standout amongst the most pleasant spots in the leave, the Sam Sand Dunes have increased colossal traveler notoriety over the time.

Most appropriate for appreciating first light or sunset, the Sand hills are for the most part investigated by means of camel safaris. Amid the safari, voyagers remain in betray camps, somewhere down in the hearts of Thar Desert. Campfire in the corner of the night, trailed by a rural and hearty Rajasthani music out of sight, these sand hills feel a great deal like sentimental isolation.

With a specific end goal to appreciate a social spectacle amidst the leave, it is much prompted that one must arrangement a trek to Sam Sand Dunes in the months of February and March. It is amid this time, a betray celebration is sorted out in the midst of the rises, which transforms the place into a major social center point.

Khuri Sand Dunes Jaisalmer

On the edges of Jaisalmer, you can discover Khuri Village, appealing the guests with its sand hills. This is a preferably more quieted range than the famous Sam Sand Dunes, Khuri offers a superior ordeal of forsake safari.

The display shows signs of improvement as the sun set down; sprinkling shimmer in the brilliant sand. For the most part the guests choose to sleepover in the town and look at the twinkling night sky. The atmosphere is set by camel race, camel polo, campfire, people tunes and the Kalbeya move execution.

Real Rajasthani sustenance in the region includes this outlandish liberality. Best time to visit Khuri Sand Dunes is amongst October and March.

Jaisalmer Fort

Consolidating splendidly with the brilliant tones of the abandon, Jaisalmer fortress is one landmark cum august bastion that has dependably been the pride of the city. A world legacy site, Jaisalmer post was implicit the twelfth century by Raja Jaiswal. Very like the Taj Mahal of Agra, this sublime fortification looks completely dazzling by sunset. Scratched in yellow sandstone, the stronghold gloats of different attractions that mirror the majestically life of which the fortification was at one time a part of.

Roosted on Tirkuta slopes, the fortification houses unmistakable structures like the Raj Mahal, which had been the illustrious royal residence of the post, stylish Jain sanctuaries, Laxminath sanctuary and four enormous entryways. Aside from these, Jaisalmer fortification is likewise really popular for its cut yellow sandstone shipper Havelis, which still possess the first manufacturers.

Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

An engineering miracle of the past period, Patwon Ki Haveli is one of the fundamental attractions that one can search for in the city of Jaisalmer. The Patwon Ki Haveli is a bunch of five little Havelis, the outsides of which are dunked in a captivating shade of gold.

History of this superb structure goes back to eighteenth century once the living arrangement of rich brokers of Jaisalmer Patwas, the Haveli was developed in the traverse of fifty years by Guman Chand Patwa and his five children. A genuine example of Rajputana figure, the Patwon Ki Haveli is popular for its selective mirror work and fine divider compositions.

Among the five Havelis which frame the whole mind boggling, one has been changed over into a gallery which shows a limitless accumulation of old fashioned furniture and embellishing products. Other than this, the third Haveli or chateau in the premises likewise houses rich things that incorporate customary craftsmanship and art work of the nearby specialists.

Desert National Park

The late nineteenth century haveli with mind boggling engineering a show of sheer craftsmanship the left and right wings of the houses, which were cut by two siblings, are not indistinguishable but rather fundamentally the same as an adjusted in plan. The inside dividers are resplendent with magnificent scaled down canvases.

This 300 year old Haveli of Jaisalmer’s Prime Minister to Maharaja Rawal Gaj Singh Salim Singh has a lovely blue dome rooftop with superbly cut sections as peacocks. This uncommon house in yellow stone is secured with many-sided carvings and has expanded anticipating overhang on the top story. The manor is a standout amongst the most notables of the variety of havelis.

Mool Sagar jaisalmer

Arranged 8 kilometers west of Jaisalmer, this is another wonderful, yet rather dismissed, little garden and tank. It has a place with the Royal group of Jaisalmer and was initially worked as a cool summer withdraws. The real fascination of this place is a Shiva sanctuary, which is said to be built out of only two extensive squares of sandstones.

Maharawal Moolraj II constructed the Moolsagar complex in 1815 AD. You will discover various wells, the Moolsagar Garden and a stunning Raj Mahal based on its premises. Maharaja Moolsagar was known for his support to craftsmanship and artisans and that turns out to be quite obvious when you go over some extraordinary paintings on the castle dividers. He certainly impacted the wazirs and land-rulers. In this manner his support to the craftsmanship and design was reverberated among his nobles and subjects. It was for the most part because of his endeavors that such a large number of dazzling castles and structures were inherent that period which was affected by both the Mughal and Rajput schools of workmanship.

Camel Safari Jaisalmer

Deserts have since quite a while ago applied a powerful appeal on the mind of the people, the scene motivating distinctive feelings in various individuals. What’s more, what better approach to investigate this otherworldly domain than on a camel back, for a camel safari is a standout amongst the most brave of encounters, and to be sure a novel approach to “find” the betray.

Camel safaris follow their sources to the season of exchange amongst India and China, when camel bands would travel along built up exchange courses weighed down with flavors and herbs and gems. They give a chance to get a look at conventional Indian life in betray, with every one of the hardships, the excellence and the destruction.

The convenience in transit comprises of primitive covered mud cabins, and the lifestyle however affable is totally ethnic.

Camel safaris by and large cover the zone around Jaisalmer, Bikaner or Jodhpur, prominently known as the betray circuit. The length can fluctuate between one day and two weeks. Enormous towns are not as a rule on the course however there is no distinct course that you need to receive.

Course route in the forsake is a gained craftsmanship, and convoys must be kept an eye on by riders who know how to concentrate the stars, as well as perceive the moving sands of the territory.

A camel safari is energizing, however is not precisely an unwinding get-away. Unless you are acclimated to steed riding, a day-long camel ride will tire. Regardless of the possibility that you are acclimated to steed riding, since the stride of the camel is very extraordinary, it might set aside some opportunity to get accustomed to it. Camel Safaries in Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer Travel Guide

Keeping in your seat as the camel raises or brings itself down to the ground, can show up at first to be a losing fight.

Be that as it may, whether tiring or unwinding, a camel safari will undoubtedly be a one of a kind ordeal.

Navigate the forlorn extends of the Thar Desert, similar to the explorers of old … on a camel. Actually, the most mystical approach to investigate the sands of Rajasthan, particularly the unending sand ridges of Jaisalmer and Bikaner, is on camel back.

Camp under the stars, listen to the unpleasant strains of people music resounding over the sand hills, remain at any of the numerous legacy resorts keep running by past sovereignty, wonder about the remote strongholds and royal residences, or appreciate the tender neighborliness of villagers at a desert garden … India’s camel safaris set aside you back in opportunity to an all the more lackadaisical age, and make for a noteworthy affair.


Barmer is a betray town only 153 kilometers from Jaisalmer and has fortifications to brag off. This place is principally popular for its woodcarving, furniture and insides, floor coverings, piece printing and weavings. The middle for weaving is the Sadar Bazaar and woodcarvings are around the Station Road. It has a RTDC Hotel and private Hotels as well.

Only 35 kilometers frame Barmer is a gathering of five sanctuaries in building style known as Solanki. These sanctuaries include some fine figure and the Someshwara Temple with a multi level tower is the most amazing. Since it is near the touchy Pakistan fringe, nonnatives going to it should get earlier consent from the District Collector.

Pokhran Fort Jaisalmer

Is situated on the intersection of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner Road it is on course to Jaisalmer and is likewise a stronghold town however the post is not of the measurements of Jaisalmer or Jodhpur. Pokran additionally came into spotlight, as it was the site for India atomic explosion. Pokran is additionally prestigious for its furniture and inside specialties. The Fort situates around 1.5 kilometers from the transport stand has a grouping of weaponry, brocade garments and different amusements of dice and dominoes in plain view. Post Pokran additionally offers inn settlement with some washed out interest.

Jaisalmer Travel Guide

Jaisalmer, otherwise called “The sun city” is a sparkling illusion in the Thar Desert and an imperative place of visitor enthusiasm for Rajasthan. The city was named after the author of the city, Maharawal Jaisal Singh he was a Rajput lord.

Jaisalmer travel directs gives all of you the data about how to reach Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer attractions, best time to visit Jaisalmer and outings from Jaisalmer. This used to be a vital business town because of its area on the camel exchange course. Jaisalmer is renowned for its delightful posts, lakes, and greenery enclosures.

Accommodation in Jaisalmer

Here is a list of best luxury hotels in Jaisalmer at Swan Tours, Swan Tours — one of the best Travel agents in Delhi.

1. Samsara Luxury Resort Camp

2. Suryagarh Jaisalmer

3. The Gateway Hotel Rawalkot Jaisalmer

4. Jaisalkot Jaisalmer

5. Mandir Palace Jaisalmer

6. Fort Rajwada Jaisalmer

7. Rang Mahal Jaisalmer

8. The Mama’s Resort & Camp Jaisalmer

9. Chokhi Dhani Jaisalmer

10. Brys Fort Jaisalmer

11. Naivedyam Camp Jaisalmer

12. Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa

13. The Serai Jaisalmer

How to Reach Jaisalmer

Rajasthan has various vacation spots. The assortment of fascination in Rajasthan ranges from spots with chronicled significance to places with great characteristic magnificence. The assortment of attractions accessible in different parts of Rajasthan is a noteworthy draw for vacationers. Visitors regularly come to Rajasthan and home in a specific city to visit its different attractions. Jaisalmer is one such city that has and a lot of attractions as posts, sanctuaries, parks and so on. Be that as it may, before making a visit to Jaisalmer, vacationers must know about how to achieve Jaisalmer. This will help them to arrange their visit bitterly. Additionally, it will likewise help them to spare a ton of time and cash.

Jaisalmer is otherwise called ‘Brilliant City’. The recorded centrality of the place is likewise a noteworthy draw for vacationers. The city is additionally effectively open by different methods of transports. The simple availability to the city is one of the real explanations behind the developing notoriety of Jaisalmer as a visitor goal.

How to reach Jaisalmer by air

Achieving Jaisalmer via air is the most time helpful choice for visitors. The air terminal is just 5 kilometers from the city. In addition, the city is very much connected to various significant air terminals of the nation. A portion of the urban communities that are all around connected via air with Jaisalmer are Jaipur, Jodhpur and New Delhi. This air terminal is under the observation of Indian Air Force. Notwithstanding, the air terminal is just operational amid the months of September to March. Travelers wanting to visit Jaisalmer amid different circumstances of the year can make utilization of the Jodhpur airplane terminal. It is just 285 kilometers far from the city. These air terminals fill the need of the vacationers who hope to achieve Jaisalmer inside least time.

Reaching Jaisalmer by train

You can likewise achieve Jaisalmer by railroad. The wide railroad organize associates the city to other real urban areas like New Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur and different urban communities. In the event that you can manage the cost of tiny bit of additional time then going via prepare is recommended. Making a trip via prepare to Jaisalmer will give you a chance to appreciate the rustic magnificence of India.

Reaching Jaisalmer by road

An extensive number of visitors additionally make utilization of the wide system of streets to achieve Jaisalmer. This system of streets associates the city with urban areas like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. Additionally, the all around kept up streets give a bother free excursion to the vacationers.

Swan Tours gives point by point online data on How to achieve Jaisalmer as a fundamental part of the diversion in Rajasthan in India and for different methods of excitement in any piece of Rajasthan in India. Indian occasion offers internet reserving for a visit to the any parts of Rajasthan also. For more data on Tours to Jaisalmer and on any of the data on the best way to achieve Udaipur in Rajasthan in India and in addition for web based reserving for these please top off the online inquiry shape given underneath. Truth is told Indian Holiday is the best place to scan when you are searching for How to achieve Jaisalmer in Rajasthan or in any piece of India.