CS373 Spring 2022: Nisha Ramesh: Final Entry

  • How well do you think the course conveyed those takeaways?

I thought the course gave a very in depth analysis of the subtle parts of python. The first assignment really emphasized the process and expectations for the course, which was followed by all of the other assignments. I thought the lectures had a good, in-depth, demonstration of all the concepts listed above, enough to give me a foundational understanding.

  • Were there any other particular takeaways for you?

Yes, one thing that stood out to me in particular was to start work early. As a procrastinator, it’s easy for me to push off assignments until the last minute, but that does not work with this class since there is so much left to the unknown.

  • How did you feel about cold calling?

Initially, I did not like the idea of cold calling as it was a little stressful to me. However, I realized that it is a great way to keep everyone engaged in the course material. As an online class, it can be easy for people to stop paying attention, but this incentivized staying focused.

  • How did you feel about specifications grading?

I do not like specifications grading because our strong suits could be in one aspect of the course, but we will be reduced the lowest value in each of the sections for our final grade. I guess this is a way to ensure people do not slack off in one section of the course, however, one bad grade could impact us a lot.

  • How did you feel about help sessions and office hours?

I thought the office hours were good in the sense that any questions I had were answered. I wish I came out more and used this resource better.

  • How did you feel about the support from the TAs?

I felt that some of the TAs were unresponsive and unhelpful sometimes. However, they did a good job laying out the expectations for each phase of the project.

  • You should have read five papers that describe SOLID design: Single Responsibility, Open-Closed Principle, Liskov Substitution, Interface Segregation, and Dependency Inversion. What insights have they given you?

These papers taught me the rule of abstraction and how we shouldn’t make a parent class super specific to one function, rather generalize it towards all.

  • You should have read two papers that advised minimizing getters and setters. What insights have they given you?

I learned that we should minimize getters and setter because they provide external access to class implementations and can mess with the output later on.

  • What required tool did you not know and now find very useful?

I found Postman to be a really helpful tool when creating and using our API. I will definitely be using this in the future.

  • What’s the most helpful Web dev tool that your group used that was not required?

Some of my group members and I found out that Gitpod is an extremely useful tool. Since my docker image was not working for most of the project, I was able to run and test my code easily while using this tool.

  • How did you feel about your group having to self-teach many, many technologies?

I thought this was extremely difficult, probably the hardest part of the course. I wish some of the lectures had covered how to use these tools at a base level because I spent a lot of time researching. However, it is a good look into how industry and a real SWE role would work in the future.

  • In the end, how much did you learn relative to other UT CS classes?

I felt that I learned quite a lot about how to use the resources online available to me along with a wide range of tools relative to other classes teaching me a specific skill.

  • Give me your suggestions for improving the course, but apologies in advance; specifications grading will remain.

One way to improve the course would be to teach some topics in lecture that correlate with the web project.

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