My mom just handed me a book she had forgotten to give me for my birthday, it’s about Leos (my zodiac sign). I never know where I stand on the zodiac/horoscope spectrum… Whether I believe it or not. 
Anyways, I thought I’d give this little book a go. There were a few chuckles, agreements and disagreements and then, towards the end a slight emptiness. I felt hollow for a moment, and the BIG question popped up… Is this who I’m truly supposed to be? 
Leo’s are these confident, fiery people who are the ‘Kings or Queens of the jungle’. So, why can’t I embrace this side? I know it’s in me, I have this fire burning inside me, it comes out once in a while. I have to let go and let it shine through. The past, the past always holds me back. The quiet, scared Nisha stares back at me, unable to push forward and let this fire burn.
Saying this, I don’t think I necessarily have to be an exact replica of my zodiac sign. I mean, everyone has a different journey and not all Leos are the same but I do believe we all possess some of these traits and could benefit from them. And as I grow I hope to find my inner lion.

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