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What is ShareNSearch? Is this is a ello killer? or Anti Facebook? No its a Anti-Ad Banner Social Network

There are lot of hypes going on in the Internet about #ello, I just jumped and registered my account, Felt it will be cool, No its not. Its just a crap book, I dont want to post my photos on a dirty floor like that. Sorry Ello i deactivated my account right away.

I dont want to accept any invitations and send code to 30k or 40k people. Do i dont have anything more serious to do.

Then which is the best Social Network for alternative to Anti ad or Anti Facebook. ITs not a million dollar Question but important to find Right Answer in right TIME.

When i was following #ello tag on twitter i found one tweet, there it was said #sharensearch, it wont kill anyone, but we are against AD Banner, we are not so beautiful but we are not ugly.

I just visited their site. The first look itself impressed me, these folks got something new. It is a cool design, no dirty fonts and clear on their IDEA.

They have easy signup, even with facebook and twitter. But why should i join. There is no badge saying Anti-Facebook, and Anti-Ello. But let me try, i just gone inside, And the surprising is they just asked what your interested, and are you designer or painter or a writer or just a plumber. Yes they got it. Social Media is just not to rush and spend time. TIME you spend on social media should be valuable.

Why I go with ShareNSearch rather not with #ELLO

A. They are Anti-Ad Banner Site and Awesome concept.

B. No need to WAIT for any CODE or INVITE.

C. They are beautiful by design and by HEART.

D. They know what you LOVE and what you CARE more about.

E. I can meet PEOPLE of my INTEREST and Chat with THEM.

F. I can use even do #hashtag, so join the conversation with the whole world.

G. I can Follow My INTEREST and Get notified about it.

H. I can choose Who can see my profile , posts, comments.

I. I will get suggestions for people i may be interested on basis of my interests and category.

J. They Got NEWSBOX which gives you updates of news on interest of you, about whats happening around the world.

K. I can find people who are nearby my locality.

OMG, its enough for this article About ShareNSearch.

People Just dont go by HYPE, dont throw your personal details and photos on someone who doesn't even care about their designs and work. And Be wise to Choose the BEST.

STOP #ello ing and Start Sharing.

Finally #ello can be Described as Ello Ello Dirty Fellow.

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