Dangerously Sweet- My Favorite Fall Perfumes

Nisha here. I am a big fan of experimenting with new fragrance scents. That’s why I was so excited to discover Scentbird, a subscription service where you can try designer fragrances on a monthly basis for only $14.95. I definitely like to mix and match my fragrances every now and then. Having a new fragrance makes me feel bold and adventurous. Every woman has two sides, right? I decided to try out two scents with this subscription.

First was the elegant and sensory perfume Viva La Juicy, by Juicy Couture.

I really enjoy perfumes with traces of amber, vanilla, lilac, and sandalwood. This smell is sexy, yet sophisticated and very durable throughout the day.

One of my other favorite fragrances that I now can’t turn away from is Gucci Guilty Black.

This provocative scent lingers in the best possible way. This perfume is filled with sultry, oriental notes. Gucci Guilty Black is mixed with just the right amount of sweet floral, paired with the perfect amount of musky undertone. Those carnal notes in a perfume that can make a woman feel bold and empowered. Plus the compliments aren’t bad either, that is when you know you have picked a winning scent! You will feel like a goddess when you wear these fragrances. So tell me, what are you favorite perfumes? Which do you think I should try next?!