Favorite Lush Masks

Having a good skincare routine is very important. Our skin is one of the largest organs in our body, and it works hard every day to protect our bodies from harmful elements. Taking care of your skin and developing a skin care routine is important, because it can help this organ do its job better and longer.

I wanted to write today about my favorite Lush face and body masks that I use to keep my skin supple and healthy. These lush products are my favorite products on the market right now! So lets begin.

First on the list..

This is one of my all-time favorite face masks that Lush offers. It’s hydrating, smell heavenly and cleans out those pores like no other. This tingled and minty face and body mask really helped my dry and flaked skin. It dries instantly, but I still like to keep it on for about 10–15 minutes. Once you wipe it away, you will notice how soft your skin feels! Loads of ground aduki beans, vanilla absolute, and honey round out this mask.

This is the perfect scrub to shed dead skin and refresh the face. This scrub has a mix of fine and coarse sea salt for exfoliation, balanced with coconut oil and avocado butter. I love to use this at night, or after a workout to really clear up my skin.

I am an extreme coffee addict and this mask did wonders for my skin! Not to mention it smells amazing. The mask is very strong, filled with an exotic aroma of freshly brewed coffee and cocoa bean. This coffee mask is a great way to kick-start and invigorate your day! Some of the main ingredients include: Organic Agave Syrup (Agave tequilana) , Kaolin , Glycerine , Coffee Infusion(Coffea Arabica) Talc, Ground Coffee (Coffea arabica).

*(Photos are courtesy of Lush.com)*

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