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In 1981, Steve Jobs famously compared computers to “bicycles for the mind”. Today, imagining life without computers is out of the question. When it became impossible to continue with conventional routines at work or schools, thanks to the pandemic, technology played a significant role in coming up with new possibilities. As telecommunication is becoming more digitalized and computer-oriented with each day, it is facing new challenges as well.

“Sorry, something went wrong!” — YouTube

“505. That’s an error” — Google

Amazon’s cloud computing services faced an outage for nearly 5 hours on November 25, following which Google’s cloud services suffered…

Where were you, when she was being tortured?
Where were you, when she was being humiliated?
Where were you, when she was crying for help?
Where were you, when she said, she was afraid, and needed help?
Where are you, when you ignore an insecure woman on her own?
I question you, where are you when something serious is happening?
Why there is no one to raise voice against wrong?
Why I see hundreds of people questioning on social media, but none in reality?
Why can’t I see your soul shiver, while mine is trembling?
I just wanna ask, is this the society worth living?

The more I try to tighten the fist,
The more the sand goes off it.
The more I try to settle my thoughts,
The more ripples they experience.
The more I try to smile,
The more I invite sorrows,
The more I try to enjoy life,
The more the darkness threatens me.
The more I try to forget the past,
The more the fears surround me.

Silence speaks the loudest,
It defines undefinable human feelings.
Ignorance cannot be ignored,
However hard one tries.
Darkness enlightens the soul,
A person realizes his inner strength.
Brightness can make one blind,
Following which brightness can never be felt again.
Loneliness teaches the importance of friendship,
Numbness leads to the realization of senses,
Faith in God results in fear,
But devotion leads to the enlightenment of an entity.

I questioned it
Why so depressed?
Why so silent?
Why so sarcastic towards life?
Why so humorous?
Why so painful?
Why so curious?
Why, my dear poetry,
When I write you,
With a heart so full of joy,
You betray me!
And turn out the other way,
Why too arrogant?
Why too ignorant?
What's your significance?
What you want to portray to me?
It smiled to me and replied,
That's what we call the taste of life,
Which changes every hour,
From sweet, salty, to sour.

Happy I be,
When twinkling bright at dark nights,
Stars you show
I am precious,
You make me feel,
Immeasurable depth,
Of affection you unveil.
Busy for rank and file!
Solitary traveller of mine.
I fathom moments of loneliness,
Scarier than the Inevitable Death.
Content, if this pitter-pattering,
Heart of mine,
Makes its way to vanquish wonder!

Popping out peeping
From beneath the shells,
Out to the paradiso,
The sight of the color-abundant
Nourished, matured butterflies
Soothing the soul,
With the flitter-fluttering advancements.
The pupa observes,
Enhances its experiences.
Tis a trail like Gulliver’s,
No doubt,
Appears huge
At inception,
Then, the admiration,
Starts to wither off!
Similar to milky strands,
On pale white faces.
Comes the stage of larva
When motion ceases to occur,
Aspirations turn to just dreams,
Dreamt once!
The darkness enlightens,
Soul with strength,
Belittled buds,
To beautiful brightness.
The butterfly breathes,
Ready to flutter
High in the sky!

Initially the emotion,
Impenetrable as ice,
Melts with patience,
The essence of the rhyme!
Connections develop,
When right rhythmic riddle is encountered!
An unimaginable combination of emotions,
Eagerness to jump,
On next sequence of words,
Along with intense desire to cherish,
Essence of each word with patience.
When everything has its own connotation,
And the connotation varies,
For all those,
Framing the 'Superior Prakriti'(cosmic manifestation)
The sequential construct is composed,
By the imagery of imagination
The beauty of the process,
Of thoughts bursting in a reader's mind,
While reading a piece of poetry,
Makes one spellbound!

T'was when the smell of salt
From seamless sea
Stirred my stomach,
Seemed sea-sickness.
I gained consciousness,
To realise, I was
Amidst the sea,
Lying on a deck,
To find, neither living
Nor dead for a company.

Encountering a shore,
The ship ran straight into it,
With all its might!
Landed in No-Man's-land,
Fortunate enough,
To have my soul and body together.

Silence surpassed all its stages,
Knowing nothing
I was misleaded,
Tortured, tormented and completely terrified
Not once, innumerable times,
To a stage that I
Felt the fear of fatality.
Unpredictable occurrences
Piled up the parlous possibilities. …

Nishi Agrawal

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