A girl and her wishes.

So I have a couple of wishes.

I wish to travel to any part of the world my dreams require me to go, without the slightest bit of fear about my safety.

I wish to take the car and go get ice-cream just in case I get a crazy mid-night craving ;)

I wish to take a night out with my girl gang, without any worry.

I wish to wear any dress that I think looks good on me, without being scanned from head to toe.

I wish to be in a cab, plug in my headphones and listen to music,instead of keeping a constant watch on driver’s actions.

I wish to stand in a crowd full of men and be absolutely sure that i will not get the ‘wrong’ touch.

i wish to feel easy and not be easy. I wish to be my own knight in a shining Armour.

i wish to be treated equally as the men around me.

I have many more wishes. Could you make these wishes come true for me and all of my kind?

NO, right? I don’t deny that the times have changed but we are still fighting for gender equality. Is gender inequality even an issue? Or should it have been an issue? Y do we still have to fight for equal recognition. Isn’t it our birthright? Just because we live in a man dominant society do we have to walk away from what is ours irrespective of our gender? No, we don’t its high time people realize it.

The problem is not in us, its in them and their thinking. You are none to judge us on the cloths we wear.. Its our body and we will flaunt it if we want.. We are proud of it. God must have obviously made us keeping something in mind. At least it wasn't just for half of people to judge us and the other half to fantasize about our body and what they see.. We don’t need to be told again and again to stay safe . We can take care of our-self. But people who make us feel unsafe need to be told to stop making us feel so.

We are just not confined to the role of a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, or someone’s love interest. We are gods most beautiful creation. Not just our colors and curves define us.. We are so much MORE than this. The MORE that some of us are yet to discover.. If you can’t help us in discovering it, do not bother to stop us too.

Finally i want to echo the words of Maya Angelou…

“You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes,

you may kill me with your hatefulness.

But still, like air, i’ll rise. “