Because You Are Alive

What do you write about when you are feeling so uninspired? You don’t.

You take a moment to ask yourself this, “Are you alive?”

And the answer is, because you are alive, you can — because you can, you must.

This year is all about patience and putting in the work. But it’s also about self-awarness. It’s about finding my drive. And so, I often find myself asking me this, what excites you, what drives you?

Really, it all comes down to people,understanding them, their behavior, and their stories. And you know what I want to do? Tell them — these stories, these experiences, create them, one to another to another, spreading them, the joy, the feeling. Because one thing we all humans want, is to be heard, to belong.

So feeling uninspired, that’s no thing to stop me from embracing my realest joy, my core — writing.

Because I am alive, I can, and I will — write.