Being Indian !

The following written lines are my personal views, just observed as a common Indian. I neither belong to any political party nor have much idea about it. I am not a media person nor do I write blogs often. But of course a responsible citizen of “Mother India” learning and earning for my family as everyone does. I am not sure how many would read it by line but I am just writing to know if you are feeling the same grief, same nervousness as I am feeling. I am just writing to speak out whatever is killing me from inside since few days. I kept my feelings locked inside as I was afraid, I was afraid to be recognized, I was afraid to be spotted, may be by you, may be by anyone, maybe … It could be anything like I was afraid to be jailed, abducted… My mind did not want to think about the consequences beyond this. But I want to let my thoughts be free now. 
I grew up accumulating many ideas by reading, watching news and observing the society. I have always been a secular Indian with certain ideologies, so must be you. When my teachers used to teach history, I used to feel agony for the freedom fighters, used to feel the reason behind celebrating Independence Day & Republic day. While reading Civics, I used to understand my rights and duties. It was then when I was just a student, not a responsible adult as I am now. I want to question myself, may be you can do so to yourself if you feel the same.

Am I really a responsible citizen of India? Am I eligible for being so? Do I hold my responsibilities well? Do I perform my duties well? 
You know what, I think NO!! And I think nor do you do. Sorry to say that but this is the bitter truth.

We are just living our routine life by spending 24 hours a day. We have a well settled routine of doing Yoga/ Gym, few hours of office, few hours to chill with family and few hours to spend on Social networking sites on weekday and of course a well spent weekend in shopping/ clubbing or touring.

We are very focused just like the horse looking straight with covers on side of the eyes. We mind only our own business such that even if someone has met an accident we won’t help them as we have to stay away from all this. We are so focused on our chat groups that if you get stabbed or robbed or kidnaped, we won’t bother to look into this. We are so jolly in ourselves that we don’t bother to care for someone crying near us, thinking we may be trapped or victimized. We don’t extend our hand to the fallen thinking he may do some harm to us. We don’t donate to NGOs who call to get donation for the cancer patient thinking that the NGO is running the business for their own benefit. We don’t give money to beggars thinking they will submit it in their collection gang. In rough language, I call myself INSENSITIVE, so will you I guess. Was I taught to be so? No, absolutely not.

I aimed to have a healthy income in my life, so am I, so are you. But I forgot the oath which I used to take every morning in school days. Wait!! I guess I forgot National pledge. Didn’t you? Yes you did. It is not my mistake I think as my priorities have changed, I have my office work, my domestic work and few more which I don’t remember currently. May be I just want to not to take load on myself. Can I try!! Can I try to remember the Pledge that talked about unity, that I love my country, that I respect all, that I am devoted. Yes it is so.

But wait! We are not one now, no dear! We have two political parties, one following A the other B. We have two casts, one reserved the other non-reserved. We have few religions, few states, and few languages. Few involved in corruption, scam, bribe; many victims of these. I have started missing my social studies teachers as I want to question them, I want to ask them why they taught me to be so, why they taught me to feel that I was born after India got divided, that I will grow as a responsible citizen in my future, that I will look after my society, that I will hold the responsibility for my country, that I have the right to vote to choose the right ministers, that I can raise my voice against inequality, that I am equal to a man in society in all aspects, that the youth will create a better India. Nothing like that, it is all like a fairy tale. I am useless. Sorry, don’t think I am intolerant, I am hurt, I am sick, just a sick citizen. Let me share my thoughts, let me save my ideologies, let me save my rights, save me my countryman!

Show me the way my countryman!

Feeling better now, thank you for reading