Resume writing tips

Recruiter shortlists a profile in 5–7 seconds, so try to be as precise as you can. Do not repeat the points, responsibilities, or project description. Stop your CV from getting into Trash. It is the same as dressing up and preparing for the interview. Try to impress but do not brag.

  1. Run spell-checks. The font selection should be consistent.
  2. Keep your CV as short as possible (1 page is sufficient).
  3. Start with your current/ relevant experience.
  4. Talk about your presence in the world (Achievements, association with social media in relation with your core expertise).
  5. Naming of resume document should be correct. ( It should be in the name of you not the source profile from where you copied it, do not name the document as updated resume).

Last but not the least do not forget to Google yourself before sharing the profile.

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