When HR goes silent after your interview!

You took the telephonic interview, took the machine test, and reached to the managerial round. The HR asks you to leave for the day and you are told they would get back shortly. You’ve got the signal of that ‘forever shortly’ phase. What next now!!

  • Try to seek an honest feedback so that you can improve. If you do not get one, maybe it’s time to introspect.
  • Send a thank you note mentioning the things you liked throughout the interview process. Believe it, they will keep you in mind for the future.
  • Do not accuse the HR of being unprofessional because they didn’t call you back. You should approach them and not the other way round.
  • Stay in touch with the recruiters if possible.
  • Move on! You may not be fit for the role but not the organization. It does not mean you will sit and sulk.
  • Believe in yourself and prepare for the next interview.
  • Thank God! You got the opportunity to learn and improve.
  • Be selective while choosing an organization. Look for your compatibility with the company, from work ethics to their interest in new technologies.
  • Don’t play with your self- esteem; feel confident as you got the chance to rehearse before the final call. Even the best actors need a few retakes!

You get a thousand NOs before that 1 YES that changes your life! Consider this to be a necessary step in the pursuit of success.

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