Karuna Farms, Kodaikanal | Point Of View | Chapter 2 — Day 2

This video is about my Day 2 of recent trip from Bangalore to Karuna farms (near Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu). I did a road trip along with my brother and my friends. We started from Bangalore on friday night and got back on Sunday late night. Overall experience was good and if you are looking out for a place to give you a break from your city life, you should definitely check out this place.

Karuna farms : It is a peaceful place surrounded by forests and peaks on either side, with paths for a short forest stroll or an all day trek, with spectacular views, tropical forest and wildlife. It is located 12 kms away from the main Kodaikanal city and you have to book the place online, a week in advance.

Point Of view : I will try to share my point of view about few places I had visited during my trip. I will try to cover as many places as I can under this web series. The series is structured as one chapter for each place and each day at that place would be one episode.

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