Choose what scares you

Fear of the uncertain is often the biggest deterrent when we are at a place in life where we are thinking of quitting our jobs, breaking off a toxic relationship or building a fresh one, chasing a different career path from scratch, or just trying something new. And often fear wins in 9/10 situations.

We fear we won’t be enough, and that being safe is easier than putting ourselves out there. But life isn’t meant to be lived in the safety of our self-made forts, life lies at the edge of fear. That thin line you decide to cross-over with your mind full of uncertainty and ‘what-ifs’ but if you pluck up just the right amount of courage to take the plunge — just there, right there is the sweet-spot where I feel everyone needs to live. At least once in their lives if not often.

I started my first company when I was a few months shy of turning 22, and then my next one when I was 25. Both times I was filled with a sufficient amount of dread with regards to the outcome.

My first startup, Ruby J, helped me create a brand for myself in the business of fashion and image, and we won a handful of accolades and recognition which only bought me closer to my next goal of getting deep into fashion technology. That’s when my second startup, Looksmash, was conceptualized. The focus second time around was on building something that truly solves a problem when it comes to online shopping. The learning curve was immense albeit riddled with roadblocks of the worst kind. Yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything for numerous reasons.

At any point of time and with regards to any aspect of your life, work or relationships, should you find yourself staring down a crossroads, pick the one which scares you just a little and then let it consume you so immensely that you love it. So that when you look back at this point a few months later you will realize just how damn amazing you really are.