Joker is good,but Jack is great.

Joker,the lunatic brilliance from batman movie fascinated everyone with his psychotic blazing standing next to Dr.Hannibal.His ways of defying authorities,blowing up rules,creating panic….everything sums up the exceptional anarchist he is.There had been a series of gun attacks in US in joker guises reflecting how influencing and enthralling the character is,for many aspires to be him.Anyone desperate to break the shackles of state and institutionalized routines can become a joker.

Wreak havoc,behold the flames,do random acts of disruptions,scant regard for life… become the joker.

But joker symbolizes the vicissitudes of life ,much the way,“Harvey Dent” flips coin,it can go either way and everything happens by chance.Joker as he says,is just a mad dog chasing cars.Joker holds for us nothing.

Jack sparrow,the shrewd pirate on the other hand is a blend of both worlds.He seems like an anarchists but a subtle order defines his every actions.

Uncertainties are felt only by the sheer mortals with partial sights.

He personifies the mathematical chaos theory making every voyages a string of perfectly choreographed non linear dynamisms taking to his goal.Blazing the ocean for capturing the mermaid,capsizing the ship on the stranger tides,his prison escapes….everything and anything smacks thoughtfulness blended with astute disorders.The way he finds silver linings in every damn situations,do the impossible,untying every Gordian knots on the way….makes him a legend,a character to be exemplified and cherished by everyone.

Embrace life as it comes,never lose hope,one has the power to decide his fate,accept challenges………….few of the umpteen things sparrow taught me.He gave me a fresh perception on life.I owe him. :)