My first Talk on Entrepreneurship and why you should do it too

Before I describe my very first experience as a speaker, I’d like to confess a few things. I have no intentions to boast about myself and I don’t intend to sound obsessed. I hope I'm able to make my message reach you and inspire you to step out and share whatever you have learned from your experiences.

I am an entrepreneur who has worked with over 20+ organisations like OLX, Channel V, Viber, Wechat, Star Sports, Micromax, LetsIntern and more. I’m the co-founder of an internet marketing start-up. We are a team of full-time internet marketers and we launch digital products online. We build websites, we design. We create animation videos, we publish. I’m also a #1 Best Selling Author of a book about Internships and Career Success. I've also published books about Cracking Interviews and beating procrastination. I’ve spoken about entrepreneurship and I've also been an anchor. I’ve been a roller-hockey pro, I love popping(dance) and I'm insane. Trust me.

I’m living my dream. And so shall you.

I was invited by a friend for an entrepreneurship talk in one of the best high schools in New Delhi, India. She wanted me to talk about the WHY of Entrepreneurship. She wanted me to share my experience being an entrepreneur. She wanted the students to learn as much as they could and take something truly valuable with them from the session.

I don’t believe in learning scripts or reading out pre-written material in front of an audience which is really curious to know about you and learn from your experience. I did prepare for the talk one day prior to the session. That night I crafted a new word and added it to my dictionary. I call it HOMPLE. And that’s what I told the students too.

One should go for entrepreneurship because it makes you HOMPLE.

Before you end up searching this word on Google or Bing, let me tell you what this word means.

HOMPLE is derived from the words Happiness, Ownership, Money, Passion, Life and Excitement.

This one word alone sums up my entrepreneurship journey yet and it’s self-explanatory too. So I won’t waste your time and elaborate the meaning of every word written above.

When I held the mic in my hand it was yet another feeling. I didn’t get nervous. I didn’t stammer. I was happy. I was happy because I got an opportunity to make my message reach the students. I wanted them to learn from my failures and successes. I wanted them to follow their passion and live a happy life ever after. And that’s exactly what I tried doing.

I truly believe that knowledge and experiences are something that one should always share. We can’t deny the fact that people learn from their mistakes. True. But, what if they get to learn from the mistakes of others? They’ll end up committing lesser mistakes, following their dreams, living their lives to the fullest, staying happy, taking wise decisions and investing their time and energy in the right things.

And trust me, when you share these with people, you feel eternal bliss. That feeling of satisfaction will make you feel jubilant. Try it. And see it.

My talk was full of audience engagement, jokes, witty one-liners, prompt replies, super sexy responses to questions and smiles across all the faces present in the auditorium. I tried to keep it funny and light.

I tried to compare every problem that a student faces in his/her career with Justin Bieber and Algebra. Sounds weird right?

But, it did wonders for me. The students loved it. They connected with it. I’ll never forget the requests from the students to extend the talk for another period. I’ll never forget the students who felt the excitement and energy that was burning inside me. I’ll never forget the students who decided to follow their dreams. I’ll never forget those handshakes, which came along with endless compliments.

I’ll never forget the teachers who asked me: “Thanks for making us realize that we should HOMPLE”.

All in all, I lived my dream. I could give my two cents to those innovators, who had a flair to excel! I could inspire the ones with shiny eyes to follow their dreams. I could reach their hearts and tell them how awesome they were! I did it.

I was happy, yet grounded. The talk was overwhelming and the responses that I got after the session were exorbitant! But, instead of flying high and feeling overly proud about myself, I felt proud of the students who decided to follow their passion and live a happy life.

I have my plans set to reach out to such people in 2016 and make them realize their true potential. I just want them to see what they truly are and rediscover themselves. I want them to empower themselves. I want them to lead and inspire the ones around them. I want them to fly high like an Albatross and feel eternal bliss.

P.S: I know I’m not a very good writer. I suck at it. But, in the end, I love what I do. And if any of the things written above could make you smile, my day has already been made! Thanks for reading! Do hit the like button if you feel it worth it :)


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