Changes I’d like to make to the company — A speech for a competition

Hey everyone, This is Nishan.

I’m so happy to be one of the speakers for today. This is huge for me, standing on the stage as Fusetalks has provided me a platform to boost my confidence level as well as improving my public speaking. Thanks Fusetalks.

Just like Fusetalks, if FuseMachines ever provided me an opportunity to be a leader in certain aspects, there are some portions I would like to focus and improve upon because the company is not 100% perfect. Nothing is.

First thing’s first: proper mobilization of resources

As I have seen these 5 months of my time in the office, the company has grown and still growing. We are seeing the office spaces filled with new resources and people with ever increasing enthusiasm. But, what I am feeling is that this has been putting intense pressure on the existing resources. The spaces are being crowded. The fans aren’t enough that has resulted in too much of hot atmosphere around. And this has led to some health issues too like headache in summer.

So, yeah! Given enough leadership and authority, I’d first of all try to slow down that process and focus on making the existing resources more effective and make environment less stressful for existing employees. Afterall employee’s satisfaction is what any company wants. Proper mobilization of human resources would be a top priority. Assessing people’s passion/interest and provide them with the opportunities to match their deep passion and interests. Like people who are deeply passionate about AI. Their tasks should be aligned with their passion. Not the other way round.

And the second is, Employee Provident Fund.

How many of you have been in a situation where you get the salary and it just disappears into thin air? Like it’s some kind of black magic.

Well, me. Saving is hard I know.

So, Employee Provident Fund might be the solution for it. Here’s the real magic: some percentage of your salary (around 10%) goes to a fixed deposit account in your name. You won’t get to withdraw it until you leave the company or unless you are in real emergency situation. That solves the saving problem just like that because at the end of the month, the savings get accumulated.

I know these might not be the “cultural change” you are expecting. But then, employee’s satisfaction is what the company’s daily motives should be.


These are just the changes from my perspective. To make it real, me being the authority and the only leader is impossible. We all have to work hard and feel satisfied with the changes. Because

Leadership isn’t worth enough if the changes introduced are not satisfactory.

Company’s culture adds to the personality of the company itself. Let’s treat the company as a living being that’s breathing, evolving and that can break down if burnt out.

Let’s create the change as a whole. Afterall,

Change is inevitable